A list of photographed Bird species from:
North America, Hawai'i, Bahamas, Japan, China, Thailand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Hong Kong
including many Mammals, Cetaceans (Whales), Herps, Odonata, and Reptiles
Now updated to AOU 57th Supplement July, 2016 so way behind and trying to get caught back up
2023 Checklist is now available so need to update order of species to reflect this
The ABA is everywhere north of Mexico / US Border plus Hawai'i

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- Over 2,200 Species Photographed in the World -
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Please ask if you are looking for a particular species image (of anything) as at this moment
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Totally wild, unrestrained, and established and accepted species.
NO "Zoo" Birds, escaped cage birds, Old McDonald's Farm birds
For those wanting to have a true and honest list that are
scrutinized by the American Birding Association and the American Ornithological Society
go to those sources to find species that are truly countable
American Birding Association
American Ornithological Society

There are images of some of these for reference ONLY, and stated such, but not counted on my personal list.

Please ask if you are looking for a particular species image (of anything) as at this moment
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   although there are some species that are listed also under geographical areas such as Ecuador


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Although my life long passion has been to photograph every bird and mammal species in North America
and eastern Asia and some Central and South American countries including the Bahamas
I've also wanted to assemble enough images on one website for all to learn from.
With this goal I've already attained the largest photo list of bird species from
North America (north of Mexico) than anyone, and continue to strive to
add more species but also continue to add more images altogether.

Please Enjoy the beauty of many of North America's, Central America, and South America
along with some Bahamas and eastern Asia birds and mammals!
As well as some Butterflies, Odonata, and Herpes, Insects, Spiders, and Snakes.

Including a number of the rarest North American birds from places like:
Attu Island, Alaska, Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, St. Paul, Pribilof Islands, Alaska, Adak, Alaska,
Texas, SE Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Bahamas, and my home state of California.

And, special galleries of Thailand, Bahamas, the Birds of Japan, China, Hong Kong, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.

NOTE:  Many websites show those beautiful and "pretty" pictures, which are obviously wonderful.

BUT I don't see many photos which one can really learn much about a particular species.  As they are those
'pretty' pictures that show the nearly perfect side angle of a male in full breeding plumage for example.

And searching on the internet what you often find, are only Male images in Breeding Plumage,
as these are the "Pretty" pictures.  Finding images of males in non-breeding plumage,
juvenal males, juvenal females, or females, are almost Non-existent on the internet
if you wish to see what they look like!  AND, it seems that a huge percentage
of images found on the internet are Photoshop'd, Super Over Saturated
images which do not look like the same species you find in real life!

I am continually working on adding images of all species from all angles in all plumages daily. And as many images
of differing plumages, male / females / young, and angles (such as straight up the back shots).

I've been a birder / photographer now for over 63 years (now in my 70's) and anyone who is out in the field watching birds knows
full well that easily 95+% of the time you DO NOT get the 'picture perfect full breeding male sideways' views!!

So when you see a bird with it's head turned away, or not in perfect spring breeding plumage, or a perfect look,
or only a back view, what do you do?  If you see a fall molting warbler what do you do? When you see a hatch year
bird that doesn't look like its adult what do you do? Or the female of many species?

PRETTY pictures do little to help one learn bird identification much - thus this website to help others.

My focus on this website and my lifelong passion:


I continually work on images of all species from all angles in all plumages.
And continually adding images nearly daily at times. To share them
here for you to Learn and Enjoy.

Contact us at:
tsuru88 at gmail.com



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The   B i r d s   o f   N o r t h   A m e r i c a
plus Bahamas, China, Japan, Thailand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Hong Kong

at the end of the species list of North American Birds (i.e. the bottom of this page so scroll down near the bottom)

(Class:  Aves)

This list is in Systematic order. The taxonomy and scientific names here are based on the
American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) check-list of North American Birds

57th Supplement (July, 2016)
need to update to newest Supplement recently released

Please note: Images are merely thumbnails, so that they are easily
downloadable and do not represent the quality of the originals in any way.

- for the LEGEND of image grade and plumages go to bottom of this page -
Image ratings are for my best image, not necessarily the linked image
Please ask if you are looking for a particular species or image
as many, many more not uploaded to the site!!

PLUMAGE LEGEND at bottom of page

2019 AOU Name Changes / Splits / Ordering (Ordering of species will be done later when I have time)
White-winged Scoter & Stejneger's Scoter now split (Stejneger's from Gambell)
Blue-throated Hummingbird now named Blue-throated Mountain-gem
Amethyst-throated Hummingbird now Amethyst-throated Mountain-gem
Great-winged Petrel now called (split) to Gray-faced Petrel.
Common Ground-Dove is now Common Ground Dove (no hyphen)
Ruddy Ground-Dove is now Ruddy Ground Dove (no hyphen)

  -   Order: Anseriformes

Family: Anatidae

A+    Whistling-Duck, Black-bellied    M,F,Juv,Fledglings
A     Whistling-Duck, Fulvous          M,F
A-    Bean-Goose, Taiga                Ad
A+    Bean-Goose, Tundra               Ad    (Attu Island, Alaska, Oregon, and China)
A+    Goose, Pink-footed               Ad    (New Brunswick, Canada)
A+    Goose, Greater White-fronted     Ad,Juv
A     Goose, Lesser White-fronted      Ad    (St. Paul Island, Alaska)
A     Goose, Graylag                   Ad    (Nova Scotia, Canada)
A     Goose, Emperor                   Ad
A+    Goose, Snow                      Ad,Juv,blue morph
A+    Goose, Ross's                    Ad,Juv
A+    Brant                            Ad
A     Goose, Barnacle                  Ad     (Prince Edward Island, Canada - PEI)
A+    Goose, Cackling                  Ad     (canadensis, taverneri &
leucopareia from Alaska, minima - Cackling, occidentalis, parvipes, hutchinsii)
A+    Goose, Canada                    Ad,Juv
A+    Goose, Hawaiian                  Ad,Juv (Kauai, Hawai'i, Big Island, Hawai'k) also called Nene
A+    Swan, Mute                       Ad,Juv
A+    Swan, Trumpeter                  Ad,Juv
A+    Swan, Tundra                     Ad
A+    Swan, Whooper                    Ad,Juv (California, China, and Japan)
Goose, Swan                      Ad,Juv (Japan and China)
A+    Goose, Egyptian                  Ad     (now added to the ABA Checklist in Florida)
A+    Duck, Muscovy   (Muscovy)        Ad     (wild bird along Rio Grande River in south Texas, Hawai'i, China, Florida)
A+    Shelduck, Ruddy                  Ad     (China)
A     Shelduck, Common                 Ad
A+    Duck, Wood                       M,F
A+    Duck, Mandarin                   M,F    (feral bird - Pics from Japan as well)
A+    Gadwall                          M,F
A+    Duck, Falcated                   M,F    (formerly called Falcated Teal - Attu Island, Alaska, California, and Japan)
A+    Wigeon, Eurasian                 M,F
A+    Wigeon, American                 M,F
A+    Duck, American Black             M,F
A+    Mallard                          M,F,Juv
A+    Duck, Mexican                    M,F
A+    Duck, Mottled                    M,F,ducklings
A+    Duck, Hawaiian                   M,F     (Oahu & Kauai, Hawai'i)
A+    Duck, Eastern Spot-billed        Ad      (Attu Island, Alaska, Japan, and China)
A+    Teal, Blue-winged                M,F
A+    Teal, Cinnamon                   M,F
A+    Shoveler, Northern               M,F,Juv
    Pintail, White-cheeked           Ad           (January, 2020 Lely Estates, Naples, Florida)
A+    Pintail, Northern                M,F
A+    Garganey                         M,F    (California and Japan)
A+    Teal, Baikal                     M,F    (Arizona and Colorado and Japan and China)
A+    Teal, Green-winged               M,F    (US and Japan - carolinensis, crecca, and nimia)
A+    Canvasback                       M,F
A+    Redhead                          M,F
A+    Pochard, Common                  M,F    (California and Japan)
A+    Duck, Ring-necked                M,F
A+    Duck, Tufted                     M,F,Juv  (Silver Lakes, CA, Arizona, and Japan)
A+    Scaup, Greater                   M,F
A+    Scaup, Lesser                    M,F,Juv
A     Eider, Steller's                 S,W,Juv
B+    Eider, Spectacled                M,F
A+    Eider, King                      M,F,Juv
A+    Eider, Common                    M,F,Juv
A     Duck, Harlequin                  M,F
A+    Scoter, Surf                     M,F,Juv
A+    Scoter, White-winged             M,F
B     Scoter, Stejneger's              M      (split from White-winged Scoter)
A     Scoter, Black                    M,F
A+    Scoter, Common                   M      (Crescent City, CA Feb 4, 2015)  1st North American Record
A+    Oldsquaw (Duck, Long-tailed)     M,F,W  (go to hell Woke morons / AOS / eBird, and all the other idiots on this planet that want to change every bird name
                                               for moronic reasons,
who have nothing better to do than screw birders - this is an OLDSQUAW)
A+    Bufflehead                       M,F
A+    Goldeneye, Common                M,F
A     Goldeneye, Barrow's              M,F
A+    Smew                             M,F   (Attu Island, Alaska, California, and Japan)
A+    Merganser, Hooded                M,F
A+    Merganser, Common                M,F
A     Merganser, Red-breasted          M,F
A     Duck, Masked                     Ad,Juv  (Texas)
A+    Duck, Ruddy                      M,F,W

CURASSOWS, GUANS & NEW WORLD QUAIL  -   Order: Galliformes

Family: Cracidae

A+    Chachalaca, Plain                Ad,Juv

Family: Odontophoridae

A+    Quail, Mountain                  M,F,Juv
A+    Quail, Scaled                    M,F
A+    Quail, California                Ad,M,F
A+    Quail, Gambel's                  M,F,Juv
A-    Bobwhite, Northern               M
A+    Bobwhite, Masked                 M,F    (not a countable species but here for ID purposes)
A     Quail, Montezuma                 M,F


Family: Phasianidae

A+    Chukar                           Ad,Juv
A+    Francolin, Black                 M,F     (Kauai, Hawai'i)
A+    Francolin, Erckel's              M       (Kauai & Big Island, Hawai'i)
A+    Francolin, Gray                  Ad      (Hawai'i)
__    Snowcock, Himalayan              M       (haven't attempted to photograph this introduced species)
B+    Partridge, Gray                  Ad      (Big Island, Hawai'i)
A+    Pheasant, Ring-necked            M,F,chicks
A+    Peafowl, Indian                  M,F,Juv (Big Island, Hawai'i and California) - also know as Common Peafowl
A     Grouse, Ruffed                   Ad
A     Grouse, Greater Sage             M,F     (formerly called Sage Grouse)
B-    Grouse, Gunnison Sage            M,F     (numbers of trips, last time 5 days and 5 nights dawn & dusk - finally photos before dawn 200 yards out)
A     Grouse, Spruce                   Ad
A+    Ptarmigan, Willow                M,F,Juv
A+    Ptarmigan, Rock + Attu race      M,F
Ptarmigan, White-tailed          M,F     (spring)
A+    Grouse, Dusky                    M,F,Juv   (split from Blue Grouse / Dusky -Sierra Nevada Mtns. and Sooty Grouse -Rocky Mtns.)
A+    Grouse, Sooty                    M,F,Juv   (split from Blue Grouse / Dusky -Sierra Nevada Mtns. and Sooty Grouse -Rocky Mtns.)
A+    Grouse, Sharp-tailed             M,F,chicks
B+    Prairie-Chicken, Greater         M,F
A+    Prairie-Chicken, Lesser          M,F
A+    Turkey, Wild                     M,F
___   Turkey, Ocellated
   Guineafowl, Helmeted             Ad
A+    Chicken                          M,F    (these are simply birds in the Florida Keys which have been introduced but not a countable species)
A+    Junglefowl, Red                  M,F,chicks (Kauai & Hawai'i & Florida + Thailand)

FLAMINGO  -  Order: Phoenicopteriformes

Family: Phoenicopteridae

B-    Flamingo, Greater                Ad,Juv   (Sandy Key, Florida)
A-    Flamingo, American               Ad       (Everglades NP, Florida)

GREBES  -  Order: Podicipediformes

Family: Podicipedidae

A+    Grebe, Little                    Ad    (Japan and China)
A+    Grebe, Least                     S,W
A+    Grebe, Pied-billed               S,W,Juv
___   Grebe, Atitlan
A+    Grebe, Horned                    S,W
A+    Grebe, Red-necked                S,Juv
A-    Grebe, Great Crested             W     (Yeyahu, China)
A+    Grebe, Eared                     S,W
A+    Grebe, Western                   Ad
A+    Grebe, Clark's                   Ad

PIGEONS & DOVES  -  Order: Columbiformes

Family: Columbidae

A+    Sandgrouse, Chestnut-bellied     M,F    (Big Island of Hawai'i)
A+    Pigeon, Rock                     Ad     (formerly called Rock Dove)
A     Pigeon, White-crowned            M,F
A+    Pigeon, Red-billed               Ad
___   Pigeon, Plain
A+    Pigeon, Band-tailed              Ad,Juv
___   Pigeon, Ring-tailed
___   Pigeon, Plumbeous
___   Pigeon, Ruddy
B+    Pigeon, Short-billed             Ad     (Selva Verde, Costa Rica)
A+    Turtle-Dove, Oriental            Ad     (Palo Alto, CA; Japan; China) (western form called Rufous Turtle Dove but also Rufous Turtle-Dove)
___   Collared-Dove, African
A+    Collared-Dove, European
A+    Collared-Dove, Eurasian          Ad,Juv  (sometimes referred to as Eurasian Collared Dove)
A+    Dove, Ringed Turtle              Ad    (need to scan slides from the 80's - Olvera St. Los Angeles)
A+    Dove, Spotted                    Ad    (US, Japan, China, Thailand)
A+    Dove, Zebra                      M,F   (Hawai'i and Thailand)
A+    Dove, Inca                       M
A+    Dove, Common Ground              M,F   (formerly named Common Ground-Dove ---- the hyphen now removed)
A+    Dove, Ruddy Ground               Ad    (formerly named Ruddy Ground-Dove ---- the hyphen now removed)
B-    Quail-Dove Key West              Ad    (seen in Florida both in 1992 and 2015 - Hugh Taylor Birch State Park & Long Key State Park)
A+    Dove, White-tipped               Ad
A+    Dove, White-winged               Ad
A     Dove, Zenaida                    Ad    (Long Key State Park, Florida & Little Abaco, Bahamas)
A+    Dove, Mourning                   M,F

CUCKOOS, ROADRUNNER & ANIS  -   Order: Cuculiformes

Family: Cuculidae

A+    Ani, Smooth-billed               Ad
A+    Ani, Groove-billed               Ad
A+    Roadrunner, Greater              Ad
A+    Cuckoo, Common                   Ad
A     Cuckoo, Oriental                 I    (photographed in Japan / seen on Attu Island, AK but not able to photo after repeated attempts due to lens fogging every chance I got on the bird)
A-    Cuckoo, Yellow-billed            Ad
A+    Cuckoo, Mangrove                 Ad
A+    Cuckoo, Black-billed             Ad

GOATSUCKERS  -  Order: Caprimulgiformes

Family: Caprimulgidae

A+    Nighthawk, Lesser                Ad
A-    Nighthawk, Common                Ad
A+    Nighthawk, Antillean             Ad
A+    Pauraque, Common                 Ad
A+    Poorwill, Common                 Ad
A+    Chuck-wills-widow                Ad
A+    Nightjar, Buff-collared          Ad
A+    Whip-poor-will, Eastern          Ad
A+    Whip-poor-will, Mexican          Ad

SWIFTS & HUMMINGBIRDS  -   Order: Apodiformes

Swifts  -   Family: Apodidae

C     Swift, Black                     Ad
A-    Swift, Chimney                   Ad
B     Swift, Common                    Ad   (Cape May, NJ 2024 but also in China)
A     Swift, Vauxs                     Ad
A+    Swift, White-throated            Ad
B-    Swift, Antillean Palm            Ad   (Grass Key, Florida 2019)

Hummingbirds  -   Family: Trochilidae

A+    Emerald, Cuban                   M,F  (Little Abaco, Bahamas)
B     Violetear, Mexican               Ad   (split from Green Violetear) - Photos from Texas 1995
A+    Violetear, Lesser                Ad   Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Violetear, Sparkling             Ad   Ecuador
A+    Mango, Green-breasted            Ad
A+    Hummingbird, Rivoli's            M,F,Juv (was Magnificent Hummingbird - renamed to Rivoli's Hummingbird)
A+    Starthroat, Plain-capped         Ad
A+    Mountain-gem, Blue-throated      M,F  (formerly called Blue-throated Hummingbird now re-named)
A+    Woodstar, Bahama                 M,F  (Melbourne Beach, Florida & Little Abaco, Bahamas) Bahama Woodstar
A     Hummingbird, Lucifer             M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Ruby-throated       M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Black-chinned       M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Anna's              M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Costa's             M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Broad-tailed        M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Rufous              M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Allen's              M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Calliope            M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Broad-billed        M,F
A+    Hummingbird, Berylline           Ad
A+    Hummingbird, Buff-bellied        Ad
A+    Hummingbird, Violet-crowned      Ad
A+    Hummingbird, White-eared         M,F
B     Hummingbird, Xantus's            F    (in Ventura, California back in 1988)

** See ECUADOR and COSTA RICA selection toward the bottom for over 40 more species of hummingbirds from those regions

RAILS, LIMPKIN & CRANES  -   Order: Gruiformes

Rails  -  Family: Rallidae

A     Rail, Yellow                     Ad
___   Crake, Ocellated
___   Crake, Ruddy
___   Crake, White-throated
___   Crake, Gray-breasted

___   Rail, Black                      Ad      (seen but not photographed)
A+    Rail, Ridgway's                  Ad,Juv  (this species was split out from Clapper Rail and found in California and southeastern Arizona)
A+    Rail, Clapper                    Ad,Juv  (this species has now been split into Clapper Rail of Texas and the Eastern US)
B     Rail, King                       Ad,Juv
A     Rail, Virginia                   Ad
A     Wood-Rail, Rufous-necked         Ad    (Bosque Del Apache NWR, New Mexico - first North American Record - July 8th, 2013
A+    Sora                             Ad,Juv
___   Rail, Hawai'ian
B     Rail, Spotted                    Ad    (Choke Canyon SP, Texas - first North American Record - 12/28/2020)
A     Swamphen, Purple                 Ad    (also called Gray-headed Swamphen)
A+    Gallinule, Purple                Ad,Juv
___   Gallinule, Azure
A+    Gallinule, Common                S,W   (including Japan and China) - formerly called Common Moorhen
A+    Coot, Eurasian                   Ad    (Japan & China)
A-    Coot, Slate-colored              Ad    (Ecuador) also known as Andean Coot
A+    Coot, Hawaiian                   Ad    (Kauai, Hawai'i, and Oahu)
A+    Coot, American                   Ad,Juv

Sungrebe  -  Family: Heliornithidae

___   Sungrebe

Limpkin  -   Family: Aramidae

A+    Limpkin                          Ad,Juv

Cranes  -   Family: Gruidae

A+    Crane, Sandhill                  S,Juv
A     Crane, Common                    Ad   (Muleshoe NWR, Texas & Red Hook, New York, and China)
___   Crane, Hooded
A+    Crane, Whooping                  Ad
B-    Crane, Red-crowned (Japan)       Ad   (Japan)

SHOREBIRDS  -  Order: Charadriiformes

Thicknees  -   Family: Burhinidae

A+    Thick-Knee, Double-striped       Ad   (found in Yuma, AZ but later determined to be human assisted and not a true vagrant)

Stilt & Avocet  -   Family: Recurvirostridae

A+    Stilt, Black-winged              Ad,Juv   (Japan, China, Thailand)
A+    Stilt, Black-necked              Ad,Juv   (Continental US and Hawai'i)
A+    Avocet, American                 S,W M,F

Oystercatchers  -   Family: Haematopodidae

___   Oystercatcher, Eurasian
A+    Oystercatcher, American          Ad
A+    Oystercatcher, Black             Ad

Plovers  -   Family: Charadriidae

A-    Lapwing, Northern                Ad   (Southhampton, New York & Ipswich & Quincy, Massachusetts)
___   Lapwing, Southern
A-    Lapwing, Gray-headed             Ad   (Thailand)
A+    Lapwing, Red-wattled             Ad   (Thailand)
A+    Plover, Black-bellied            S,W
A+    Golden-Plover, European          Sp M,F   (Renews, Newfoundland / Old Perlican, Newfoundland)
A+    Golden-Plover, American          S,W
A+    Golden-Plover, Pacific           S,W
A+    Plover, Siberian Sand            S,Juv   (was formerly Lesser Sand Plover and before that Mongolian Plover - seen in US and Thailand)
A     Plover, Greater_Sand             W     (US, Japan and Thailand)
A     Plover, Collared                 Ad    (Hargill, Texas)
A+    Plover, Kentish (Snowy)          S,W
A+    Plover, Snowy (Kentish)          S,W
A+    Plover, Wilson's                 S,W
B     Plover, Common Ringed            S,M
A+    Plover, Semipalmated             S,W
A     Plover, Piping                   S
A+    Plover, Little Ringed            Ad,Juv  (Japan and Thailand)
A+    Plover, Malaysian                W     (Thailand)
A+    Plover, White-faced              W     (Thailand)
A+    Killdeer                         Ad
A+    Plover, Mountain                 Fall,Winter
A+    Dotterel, Eurasian               Fall  (Crescent City, CA)

Jacana  -   Family: Jacanidae

A+    Jacana, Northern                 Ad,Juv,Spring
___   Jacana, Wattled

Sandpipers  -   Family: Scolopacidae

A+    Sandpiper, Upland                S
B+    Curlew, Little                   Ad-W
___   Curlew, Eskimo
A+    Whimbrel                         Ad,W
A     Whimbrel; variegatus race        S,W
A+    Curlew, Bristle-thighed          Ad
A+    Curlew, Far-eastern              Ad       (Adak Island, Aleutians, Alaska)
___   Curlew, Slender-billed

A+    Curlew, Eurasian                 S,W      (Japan / Thailand)
A+    Curlew, Long-billed              Ad,W
A+    Godwit, Black-tailed             Sp,W     (US, Newfoundland, and Thailand)
A-    Godwit, Hudsonian                Ad,Juv
A+    Godwit, Bar-tailed               Ad,Juv
A+    Godwit, Marbled                  Ad,W
A+    Turnstone, Ruddy                 S,W
A+    Turnstone, Black                 W
A+    Knot, Great                      S,W,Juv
A+    Knot, Red                        S,W,Fall
A+    Surfbird                         W,Fall, Spring
A+    Ruff                             W,Juv,PostBreeding
A+    Sandpiper, Broad-billed          W        (Thailand)
A+    Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed          S,Fall
A+    Sandpiper, Stilt                 S,Fall,W
A     Sandpiper, Curlew                Fall,W
A+    Stint, Temminck's                Spring,W
A+    Stint, Long-toed                 Spring,Fall,W
A     Sandpiper, Spoon-billed          W        (Thailand)
A+    Stint, Red-necked                Spring,S,Fall,W    (formerly called Rufous-necked Stint)
A+    Sanderling                       W,Early Spring
A+    Dunlin                           Ad,W
A+    Sandpiper, Rock                  S,W      (Aleutians, Pribilofs, California winter)
A-    Sandpiper, Purple                W
A     Sandpiper, Baird's               S,Fall
A+    Stint, Little                    Spring,Fall,W
A+    Sandpiper, Least                 S,W
A-    Sandpiper, White-rumped          S,W
A+    Sandpiper, Buff-breasted         S,Fall
A+    Sandpiper, Pectoral              S,Fall,Juv
A+    Sandpiper, Semipalmated          S,Fall,W
A+    Sandpiper, Western               S,W
A+    Dowitcher, Short-billed          S,W
A+    Dowitcher, Long-billed           S,W
___   Dowitcher, Asian
___   Snipe, Jack
A+    Snipe, Wilson's                  S,W     (formerly called Common Snipe - split from - US)
A+    Snipe, Common                    W       (Alaska and Thailand)
A+    Snipe, Pin-tailed (in hand)      Ad      (Attu Island, Alaska in 1991)
C+    Snipe, Pin-tailed                Ad      (Attu Island, Alaska in 1991)
___   Snipe, Solitary
___   Snipe, Swinhoe's
___   Woodcock, Eurasian
A+    Woodcock, American               Ad
A+    Sandpiper, Terek                 S,W
A+    Sandpiper, Common                S,W
A+    Sandpiper, Spotted               S,W
C     Sandpiper, Green                 W        (Thailand)
A+    Sandpiper, Solitary              S,W
A+    Tattler, Gray-tailed             S
A+    Tattler, Wandering               S,W
A+    Redshank, Spotted                S,Fall,W  (Old Perlican, Newfoundland, Thailand)
A+    Yellowlegs, Greater              S,W
A+    Greenshank, Common               S,W
A+    Willet                           S,W,Juv    (Western / Central US as well as Eastern US races)
A+    Yellowlegs, Lesser               S,W
A+    Sandpiper, Marsh                 W        (Thailand)
A+    Sandpiper, Wood                  S,W
A+    Redshank, Common                 Sp,W     (Newfoundland, Thailand)
A+    Phalarope, Wilson's              S,W,M,F
A+    Phalarope, Red-necked            S,W,M,F
A+    Phalarope, Red                   S,W,M,F

Pratincoles  -  Family: Glareolidae

___   Pratincole, Oriental

Skuas & Jaegers   -  Family: Stercorariidae

B+    Skua, Great                      Ad
A+    Skua, South Polar                Ad
A+    Jaeger, Pomarine                 Ad,Juv,Dk
A     Jaeger, Parasitic                Ad,Juv,Dk
A+    Jaeger, Long-tailed              Ad,Juv,Dk

Auks  -  Family: Alcidae

B-    Dovekie                          S
A+    Murre, Common                    S,W
A+    Murre, Thick-billed              S,W
A+    Razorbill                        S,W
B     Guillemot, Black                 S
A+    Guillemot, Pigeon                S,W
__    Murrelet, Long-billed            S
A+    Murrelet, Marbled                S
A     Murrelet, Kittlitz's             S,W
A+    Murrelet, Scripps's (scrippsi)   S,W,Juv   (Recently Split from Xantus's Murrelet in 2012)
A+    Murrelet, Guadalupe (hypoleucus) S,W     (Recently Split from Xantus's Murrelet in 2012)
A+    Murrelet, Craveri's              Ad
B     Murrelet, Ancient                S
A+    Auklet, Cassin's                 Ad,W,Juv
A+    Auklet, Parakeet                 S
A+    Auklet, Least                    S
A+    Auklet, Whiskered                Ad      (Little Tanaga Island, Aleutians, Alaska)
A+    Auklet, Crested                  S
A     Auklet, Rhinoceros               S,W
A+    Puffin, Atlantic                 Ad,Juv
A+    Puffin, Horned                   Ad,Juv

A+    Puffin, Tufted                   Ad

Gulls  -  Family: Laridae

A+    Gull, Swallow-tailed             Ad      (Woodway, Washington 9/03/2017) & Sands Beach (Goleta), California
A+    Kittiwake, Black-legged          S,W
A+    Kittiwake, Red-legged            S,1stYr
B+    Gull, Ivory                      S
A+    Gull, Sabine's                   S,W
A+    Gull, Bonaparte's                S,W,*
___   Gull, Gray-hooded
A+    Gull, Black-headed               S,W,1stYr,2ndYr,*   (US, Newfoundland, China, Thailand)
A     Gull, Brown-headed               W       (Thailand)
A+    Gull, Little                     W,Juv
B+    Gull, Ross's                     S
A+    Gull, Laughing                   S,W,Juv
A+    Gull, Franklin's                 S,Juv
A+    Gull, Gray                       Ad      (Cypress Dunes Beach, Florida Sept, 2023)
A-    Gull, Belcher's                  W       (formerly called Band-tailed Gull) San Diego, CA Aug, 1997
A-    Gull, Band-tailed                W       (also known as Belcher's Gull)
A+    Gull, Black-tailed               I,Ad,*  (California & Japan)
A+    Gull, Heermann's                 Ad,Juv,*
A+    Gull, Common                     Ad      (northwest of Beijing, China & Windham, Connecticut)
A+    Gull, Short-billed               S,W,*   (previously named Mew Gull) - photos from Alaska, Washington, California
A+    Gull, Ring-billed                S,W,Juv,*
A+    Gull, Western                    Ad,*
A+    Gull, Yellow-footed              S
A+    Gull, California                 Ad,W,Juv,*
A+    Gull, Herring                    Ad,*
A     Gull, Herring (Vega race)        1st cycle, 2nd cycle
___   Gull, Yellow-legged
A+    Gull, Thayer's                   I,Ad   (Thayer's now lumped back in with Iceland Gull - AOU 2017)
A+    Gull, Iceland                    Ad, 1st W, S  (US, Newfoundland) - Thayer's Gull now lumped back in with Iceland Gull - AOU 2017
A+    Gull, Lesser Black-backed        *
A+    Gull, Slaty-backed               Ad, 2nd Cycle, 1st Cycle
A+    Gull, Glaucous-winged            Ad,*
A+    Gull, Glaucous                   Ad,Juv,*
A+    Gull, Great Black-backed         Ad,*
A+    Gull, Kelp                       Ad     (Galveston, Texas Feb 1996 & Pico Rivera, California Feb 2016)
A     Noddy, Brown                     Ad,Juv (Florida & Hawai'i)
A-    Noddy, Black                     Ad   (Florida)
___   Noddy, Blue-gray
B+    Tern, Sooty                      Ad,Juv (Continental US and Hawai'i)
A     Tern, Bridled                    Ad   (slide needs to be scanned/uploaded to website.)
A-    Tern, Aleutian                   Ad,eggs
A+    Tern, Little                     Ad   (Thailand and Japan)
A+    Tern, Least                      Ad,Juv
B+    Tern, White                      Ad      (also known as Fairy-Tern or Fairy Tern)
___   Tern, Yellow-billed
A     Tern, Large-billed               Ad   (Collier County, FL)
A+    Tern, Gull-billed                Ad,W
A+    Tern, Caspian                    Ad,W,Juv
A+    Tern, Black                      Ad,W
C-    Tern, White-winged               F,W   (Chincoteague, Delaware Aug 1993)
A+    Tern, Whiskered                  Ad    (China and Thailand and Cape May, New Jersey July 1993 and Chincoteague, Delaware August 1993
B+    Tern, Roseate                    Ad
A+    Tern, Common                     S,W,Juv
B     Tern, River                      S
A+    Tern, Common River/Kamchatka     S
A+    Tern, Arctic                     S,Fall,Chick,Nest w/egg
A+    Tern, Forster's                  S,W,Juv
A+    Tern, Royal                      Ad,W
A+    Tern, Great Crested              W        (Thailand)
A+    Tern, Sandwich                   Ad,W
A+    Tern, Elegant                    Ad,Juv
B+    Tern, Lesser Crested             W        (Thailand)
A+    Skimmer, Black                   Ad,Juv

TROPICBIRDS  -  Order: Phaethontiformes

Tropicbirds  -  Family: Phaethontidae

A+    Tropicbird, White-tailed     l   Ad,Juv
A     Tropicbird, Red-billed           Ad,Juv
A+    Tropicbird, Red-tailed           Ad,Juv  (Hawai'i)

LOONS  -   Order: Gaviiformes

Family: Gaviidae

A+    Loon, Red-throated               S,W,chicks
A+    Loon, Arctic                     Sp,Su,Fall
A+    Loon, Pacific                    S,W
A+    Loon, Common                     S,W
Loon, Yellow-billed              F,W


Albatrosses  -   Family: Diomedeidae

___   Albatross, Yellow-nosed
___   Albatross, Salvin's (Shy)
___   Albatross, Black-browed
___   Albatross, Light-mantled
___   Albatross, Wandering

A+    Albatross, Laysan                Ad
A+    Albatross, Black-footed          Ad,Juv
A+    Albatross, Short-tailed          Ad,Sub-adult, Imm    (Sequam/Herbert Island (Aleutians), Alaska, and immature in Hokkaido, Japan)

Shearwaters  -   Family: Procellariidae

A+    Fulmar, Northern                 Ad
___   Petrel, Gray-faced
___   Petrel, Providence
A     Petrel, Kermadec                 Ad    (Kauai, Hawai'i)
A     Petrel, Trindade (Herald)        Ad    (off North Carolina / species name of Herald / Trindade)
A     Petrel, Herald (Trindade)        Ad    (off North Carolina / species name of Herald / Trindade)
A     Petrel, Murphy's                 Ad    (off California, Oregon, and Washington coasts)
B+    Petrel, Mottled                  Ad    (off California and Oregon)
A     Petrel, Bermuda                  Ad    (off North Carolina)
Petrel, Black-capped             Ad
___   Petrel, Juan Fernandez
___   Petrel, Galapagos

A-    Petrel, Hawaiian (Dark-rumped)   Ad    GPS 39.881, -124.781 (Humbolt County, California)
___   Petrel, White-necked
___   Petrel, Bonin
___   Petrel, Black-winged

A+    Petrel, Fea's                    Ad     (off North Carolina)
Petrel, Cook's                   Ad     (off California)
Petrel, Stejneger's              Ad     (off California)
___   Petrel, Tahiti
B+    Petrel, Bulwer's                 Ad     (off Manteo, North Carolina Aug 1998)
___   Petrel, Jouanin's
___   Petrel, White-chinned

___   Petrel, Parkinson's
B-    Shearwater, Streaked             Ad   (off US and Japan)
A+    Shearwater, Cory's               Ad
___   Shearwater, Cape Verde
A+    Shearwater, Wedge-tailed         Ad   (photographed off Japan / and Kauai, Hawai'i and California)
A+    Shearwater, Buller's             Ad
Shearwater, Short-tailed         Ad
A+    Shearwater, Sooty                Ad
A+    Shearwater, Great                Ad   (formerly called Greater Shearwater)
A+    Shearwater, Pink-footed          Ad
A-    Shearwater, Flesh-footed         Ad
___   Shearwater, Christmas
A     Shearwater, Manx                 Ad
___   Shearwater, Townsend's
C+    Shearwater, Newell's             Ad   (off Kauai, Hawai'i)
A+    Shearwater, Black-vented         Ad
A+    Shearwater, Audubon's            Ad
___   Shearwater, Borolo

Storm-Petrels  -   Family: Hydrobatidae

___   Storm-Petrel, European
Storm-Petrel, Fork-tailed        Ad
___   Storm-Petrel, Ringed
___   Storm-Petrel, Swinhoe's

A+    Storm-Petrel, Leach's            Ad
Storm-Petrel, Townsend's         Ad
___   Storm-Petrel, Ainley's
A     Storm-Petrel, Ashy               Ad
A     Storm-Petrel, Band-rumped        Ad     (off North Carolina)
B+    Storm-Petrel, Wedge-rumped       Ad     (inland southern California after Hurricane Hilary 2023 - Lower Otay Lake & Spring Valley Lake, California)
A+    Storm-Petrel, Black              Ad
___   Storm-Petrel, Guadalupe
___   Storm-Petrel, Markham's
___   Storm-Petrel, Tristram's

    Storm-Petrel,_Least              Ad
A+    Storm-Petrel, Wilson's           Ad
A+    Storm-Petrel, White-faced        Ad
___   Storm-Petrel, Black-bellied

STORKS  -  Order: Ciconiiformes

Stork  -  Family: Ciconiidae

___   Jabiru
A+    Stork, Wood                      Ad,Juv
B+    Openbill, Asian                  Ad     (Thailand)
A+    Stork, Black                     Ad     (China)
A+    Stork, Oriental White            Ad     (China)
B+    Stork, Painted                   Ad     (Thailand)

FRIGATEBIRDS  -  Order: Suliformes

Frigatebirds  -   Family: Fregatidae

___   Frigatebird, Lesser
A+    Frigatebird, Magnificent         M,F,Juv
A+    Frigatebird, Great               M,F   (Kauai, Hawai'i)

Boobys  -   Family: Sulidae

A+    Booby, Masked                    Ad,Sub-adult  (California and Dry Tortugas, Florida)
A+    Booby, Nazca                     Adult, 1st year (Dana Point and Coronado, California)
A+    Booby, Blue-footed               Ad,Juv    (California)
      Booby, Peruvian
A+    Booby, Brown                     Ad,Juv
A+    Booby, Red-footed                Ad,Juv    (California, Hawai'i)
A+    Gannet, Northern                 Ad,Sub-Ad (Newfoundland, Georgia, Florida)

Cormorants  -   Family: Phalacrocoracidae

A+    Cormorant, Brandt's              Ad
A+    Cormorant, Neotropic             S
A+    Cormorant, Double-crested        S,W,Juv
A+    Cormorant, Great                 Ad W,Juv
A     Cormorant, Temminck's            Ad       (China)
A+    Cormorant, Red-faced             S,F
A+    Cormorant, Pelagic               S,W
A+    Cormorant, Little                W        (Thailand)
A+    Cormorant, Indian                W        (Thailand)

Anhinga  -   Family: Anhingidae

A+    Anhinga                          M,F


Pelicans  -   Family: Pelecanidae

A+    Pelican, American White          S,W
A+    Pelican, Brown                   S,W,Juv

Bitterns, Tiger-Herons, Herons, Egrets, Night-Herons, Ibis, & Spoonbills  -   Family: Ardeidae

___   Bittern, Pinnated
A-    Bittern, American                Ad
___   Bittern, Yellow
A     Bittern, Least                   Ad
A+    Tiger-Heron, Bare-throated       Ad,Juv    (Santa Margarita Ranch, Texas & Costa Rica)
___   Bittern, Little
___   Tiger-Heron, Rufescent
___   Tiger-Heron, Fasciated
A+    Heron, Great Blue                S,W
A+    Heron, Great Blue (White phase)  S
A+    Heron, Gray                      Ad     (Newfoundland / Japan / China / Thailand)
___   Heron, Cocoi
Heron, Purple                    Ad     (China / Thailand)
A+    Egret, Great                     S,W
A+    Egret, Intermediate              S,W    (Japan / Thailand)
A+    Egret, Chinese                   W      (Critically Endangered !!)
A+    Egret, Little                    S,Fall,W  (Chincoteague, Virgiani, Japan, and Thailand)
B-    Reef-Heron, Western              Ad     (Japan, Thailand, and China - also called Pacific Reef Egret / Heron)
A+    Egret, Snowy                     S,W
A+    Heron, Little Blue               S,W,Juv
A+    Heron, Tricolored                S,W,Juv
A+    Egret, Reddish                   S,W,White Morph
A+    Egret, Western_Cattle            S,W      (was split from Cattle Egret to Western Cattle Egret in the Western Hemisphere)
A+    Heron, Chinese Pond              Ad       (China / Thailand)
A+    Heron, Green                     S,W,Juv
A     Heron, Striated                  I
___   Heron, Agami
___   Heron, Capped

A+    Night-Heron, Black-crowned       Ad,Juv
A+    Night-Heron, Yellow-crowned      Ad
A     Heron, Boat-billed               Ad      (Costa Rica)

Ibis  -  Family: Threskiornithidae

A+    Ibis, White                      S,W,Juv
A     Ibis, Scarlet                    S    (in flight in Florida Keys - need to scan slides and place on website but this was most certainly an escapee from one of the many bird parks in FL)
A+    Ibis, Glossy                     Spring,Summer
A+    Ibis, White-faced                S,W
A-    Ibis, Green                      Ad   (Costa Rica)
___   Spoonbill, Eurasian
A     Spoonbill, Black-faced           Ad   (photographed in JAPAN / need to scan the slides and get up on website)
A+    Spoonbill, Roseate               S,W,Juv

NEW WORLD VULTURES  -  Order: Cathartiformes

New World Vultures  -   Family: Cathartidae

A+    Vulture, Black                   Ad,Juv
A+    Vulture, Turkey                  Ad,Juv
___   Vulture, Yellow-headed
A     Condor, California               Ad   (photographed 1984 - pre-captive / release program plus several times near Big Sur subsequently)
___   Vulture, King
A-    Condor, Andean                   Ad,Juv    (Ecuador)


Osprey   -  Family: Pandionidae

A+    Osprey                           Ad

Eagles, Sea-Eagles, Harriers, Kites & Hawks   -  Family: Accipitridae

___   Kite, Gray-headed
A     Kite, Hook-billed                Ad
    (slide needs to be scanned / uploaded to website) including from Costa Rica & Ecuador
A+    Kite, Swallow-tailed             Ad    (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+    Kite, White-tailed               Ad
___   Kite, Black-shouldered           Ad    (Thailand)
A+    Kite, Snail                      Ad,M,F
A     Kite, Double-toothed             Ad    (Ecuador)
A+    Kite, Mississippi                Ad,Juv
___   Kite, Pearl
___   Kite, Slender-billed
A+    Kite, Black                      Ad    (Japan / Thailand)
A+    Eagle, Bald                      Ad,Juv
A     Eagle, White-tailed              Ad,Juv  (Japan / US pics as well from Attu Island and St. Paul Island, Alaska)
A     Eagle, Steller's Sea             Ad    (Japan / US pics as well from Juneau, (Taku Inlet), Alaska - Steller's Sea-Eagle)
A+    Harrier, Northern                M,F,Juv
___   Harrier, Western Marsh
A     Hawk, Sharp-shinned              Ad,Juv
A+    Hawk, Cooper's                   Ad,Juv
A     Hawk, Bicolored                  Ad    (Ecuador)
A+    Goshawk, Northern                Ad
A+    Hawk, Crane                      Ad    (Costa Rica)
A+    Hawk, Common Black               Ad,Juv  (changed name from Common Black-Hawk - yeah I know, another name change - to learn!)
A+    Hawk, Great Black                Juv     (Deering Oaks Park, Portland, Maine Dec 2019)
A+    Hawk, Roadside                   Ad,Juv  (Mission, Texas 2019, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+    Hawk, Harris's                   Ad,Juv
A+    Hawk, White-tailed               Ad
___   Hawk, White
A     Hawk, Hawaiian                   Ad   (dark and light morph, Big Island of Hawai'i - Hakalau Forest NWR)
A+    Hawk, Gray                       Ad,Juv
A+    Hawk, Red-shouldered (western)   Ad,Juv
A+    Hawk, Red-shouldered (eastern)   Ad,Juv
A+    Hawk, Broad-winged               Ad,Juv
A     Hawk, Short-tailed               Ad dark morph
A+    Hawk, Swainson's                 Ad,Juv,LightMorph,DarkMorph
A     Hawk, Zone-tailed                Ad,Juv
A+    Hawk, Red-tailed                 Ad,Juv,DarkMorph    (including Bahama race of Red-tailed Hawk)
          Harlan's race
A+    Hawk, Rough-legged               Ad,DarkMorph
A+    Hawk, Ferruginous                Ad,Juv,DarkMorph
A+    Eagle, Golden                    Ad,Juv

OWLS  -  Order: Strigiformes

Barn-Owls  -   Family: Tytonidae

A+    Owl, Barn                        Ad

Owls  -  Family: Strigidae

A     Owl, Flammulated                 Ad
___   Scops-Owl, Oriental
A+    Screech-Owl, Western             Ad
A+    Screech-Owl, Eastern             Ad
A+    Screech-Owl, Whiskered           Ad,Juv
A+    Owl, Great Horned                Ad
A+    Owl, Snowy                       Ad,M,F,Juv
A+    Owl, Northern Hawk               Ad
A+    Pygmy-Owl, Northern              Ad
A     Pygmy-Owl, Ferruginous           Ad
A+    Owl, Elf                         Ad
A+    Owl, Burrowing                   Ad
A-    Owl, Spotted                     Ad
A+    Owl, Barred                      Ad
A     Owl, Great Gray                  Ad
A+    Owl, Long-eared                  Ad,Juv
A+    Owl, Short-eared                 Ad  (Continental US and Hawai'i)
A     Owl, Boreal                      Ad
A     Owl, Northern Saw-whet           Ad
B     Owl, Mottled                     Ad  (Salineno, TX - 2023)

___   Boobook, Northern (Brown Hawk-Owl)

TROGONS  -  Order: Trogoniformes

Family: Trogonidae

A+    Trogon, Elegant                  M,F,Juv
A+    Quetzal, Eared                   M, Juv      (formerly called Eared Trogon Ramsey Canyon, Arizona back in Sept 1991 and again in Jun 2020 and Cave Creek, Arizona June 2020)


HOOPOES  -  Order: Upupiformes

Family: Upupidae

A+    Eurasian Hoopoe                           Ad  (China)


KINGFISHERS  -  Order: Coraciiformes

Family: Alcedinidae

A     Kingfisher, Ringed               F
A+    Kingfisher, Belted               M,F
A     Kingfisher, Green                M,F
A+    Kingfisher, Amazon               M,F     (San Benito, Texas Nov 2013)

WOODPECKERS  -  Order: Piciformes

Family: Picidae

___   Wryneck, Eurasian                        (Seen in Japan)
A+    Woodpecker, Lewis's              Ad
A+    Woodpecker, Red-headed           Ad,Juv
A+    Woodpecker, Acorn                Ad
A+    Woodpecker, Gila                 M,F
A+    Woodpecker, Golden-fronted       M,F
A+    Woodpecker, Red-bellied          M,F
A+    Woodpecker, West Indian          M,F  (Bahamas)
A+    Sapsucker, Williamson's          M,F
A+    Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied        M,Juv
A+    Sapsucker, Red-naped             M,F
A+    Sapsucker, Red-breasted          M,F
A+    Woodpecker, Great Spotted        M,F  (Japan / China)
A     Woodpecker, Gray-headed          F    (China)
A+    Woodpecker, Ladder-backed        M,F
A+    Woodpecker, Nuttall's            M,F
A+    Woodpecker, Downy                M,F
A+    Woodpecker, Hairy                M,F
A+    Woodpecker, Arizona              M      (formerly Strickland's Woodpecker)
A+    Woodpecker, Red-cockaded         M,F
A+    Woodpecker, White-headed         M,F
A+    Woodpecker, American Three-toed  M,Juv    (also known as Three-toed Woodpecker)
A     Woodpecker, Black-backed         M
A+    Flicker, Northern; red-shaft     M,F
A+    Flicker, Northern; yel-shaft     M
A+    Flicker, Gilded                  M,F
A+    Woodpecker, Pileated             F

FALCONS  -  Order: Falconiformes

Falcons  -  Family: Falconidae

A     Forest-Falcon, Collared          Ad   (Seen and photographed in Costa Rica)
___   Caracara, Red-throated
A+    Caracara, Crested                Ad,Juv
A     Falcon, Laughing                 Ad   (Costa Rica)
A     Kestrel, Eurasian                M    (Dartmouth (Halifax), Nova Scotia on Shore Road 2/19-21/2015)
A+    Kestrel, American                M,F  (including Bahama race of American Kestrel)
___   Falcon, Red-footed
A+    Merlin                           Ad
A-    Hobby, Eurasian                  Ad   (Neah Bay, Washington)
A+    Falcon, Aplomado                 Ad
A-    Falcon, Bat                      Ad   (Santa Ana NWR, TX Jan 2022)  Bat Falcon
A+    Gyrfalcon                        Ad, Gray and White phases
A+    Falcon, Peregrine                Ad,Juv
A     Falcon, Prairie                  Ad

PARAKEETS, MACAWS, & PARROTS  -  Order: Psittaciformes

Parakeets, Macaws & Parrots  -  Family: Psittacidae

A-    Parakeet, Monk                   Ad
A+    Parakeet, Nanday                 Ad
A     Parakeet, Green                  Ad
A     Parakeet, Mitred                 Ad  (also called Mitred Conure) - Continental US & Hawai'i
___   Parrot, Thick-billed             Ad  (heard ONLY in the Chricahua Mtns, Arizona in 1991 with Ebbe Banstorp but never got a visual)
A+    Parakeet, White-winged           Ad
A+    Parakeet, Yellow-chevroned       Ad  (formerly split out from Canary-winged Parakeet now White-winged Parakeet and Yellow-chevroned Parakeet)
A+    Cuban Parrot                     Ad  (Bahamas - also known in the Bahamas as Bahama Parrot)
A+    Parrot, Red-crowned              Ad  (even on our yard list!)
B     Parrot, Lilac-crowned            Ad
C     Parakeet, White-eyed             Ad  (a species??? was told it is but can't find it in literature!!)
A+    Parakeet, Red-masked             Ad

Parakeets, Lovebirds & Budgerigar  -  Family: Psittaculidae

B     Parakeet, Rose-ringed            Ad   (Continental US and Hawai'i)
A+    Lovebird, Rosy-faced             Ad   (Gilbert, Arizona) - also known as Peach-faced Lovebird
A     Budgerigar                       Ad   also known as Parakeet but no longer countable on ABA list - nearly extirpated from Florida)

PERCHING BIRDS  -  Order: Passeriformes

Flycatchers  -  Family: Tyrannidae

A+    Beardless-Tyrannulet, Northern   Ad
___   Elaenia, Greenish
A     Elaenia, Small-billed            Ad  (possibly White-crested Elaenia although personal belief it was a Small-billed Elaenia
        Bird in Chicago now confirmed Small-billed       and ID under consideration by expert Ornithologists) bird photographed in
                                                         Douglas Park, Chicago, Illinois on April 22nd, 2012
A+    Flycatcher, Tufted               M   (Hamburg Meadow, Ramsey Canyon, Arizona) + Costa Rica
A+    Flycatcher, Olive-sided          S
A     Pewee, Greater                   Ad
A+    Wood-Pewee, Western +nesting     Ad,Juv
A+    Wood-Pewee, Eastern              S,Fall
A+    Pewee, Cuban                     Ad   (Boca Raton, Florida 3/13/1995 and Bahamas)
A+    Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied       S
A     Flycatcher, Acadian              S
B+    Flycatcher, Alder                S
A+    Flycatcher, Willow               S,Fall
A+    Flycatcher, Least                S, Fall
A     Flycatcher, Hammond's            S,W
B+    Kingbird, Gray                   Ad
A+    Kingbird, Loggerhead             Ad,Juv
A+    Flycatcher, Dusky                S,Juv
A+    Flycatcher, Pine                 F?  (1st North American Record - May 31st, 2016 - Aliso Springs, Santa Rita Mountains, northwest of Sonoita, Arizona)

At one time there was a species named "Western Flycatcher".  That species was split into "Pacific-slope Flycatcher" and "Cordilleran Flycatcher"
   now these two species are being lumped back into one species, "Western Flycatcher" (July-August, 2023).  Thus these two species will now be
   represented here as simply "Western Flycatcher"
A+    Flycatcher, Western              S (this had been split then lumped back - was Western, then two species, Pacific-slope & Cordilleran, now back to Western)
A+    Flycatcher, Pacific-slope        S
A+    Flycatcher, Cordilleran          S
A+    Flycatcher, Buff-breasted        S
A+    Phoebe, Black                    Ad,Juv
A+    Phoebe, Eastern                  Ad,W
A+    Phoebe, Say's                    Ad,Juv
A+    Flycatcher, Vermilion            M,F,Juv   (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
B+    Tyrant, Cattle                   Ad        (Corpus Christi, Texas - 2024)
A+    Flycatcher, Dusky-capped         S
A+    Flycatcher, Ash-throated         S
A     Flycatcher, Nutting's            W
A+    Flycatcher, Great Crested        S,F
A     Flycatcher, Brown-crested        S
A+    Flycatcher, La Sagra's           Ad,Juv  (Florida and the Bahamas)
A+    Kiskadee, Great                  Ad
A+    Social Flycatcher                Ad  (TX, also in Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Flycatcher, Sulphur-bellied      S,Juv
A     Flycatcher, Piratic              Juv  (Rattlesnake Springs, New Mexico & Ecuador)
A+    Flycatcher, Variegated           Ad  (Evergreen Cemetery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 10/25-28/2015)
A+    Flycatcher, Asian Brown          Ad  (China)
C     Flycatcher, Spotted              Ad  (Attu Island, Alaska 6/05/1992)
A+    Flycatcher, Dark-sided           Ad  (China)
B     Flycatcher, Taiga (Red-breasted) Ad  (Alaska, Japan, China, Thailand - these have now been split, Red-breasted and Taiga Flycatcher)
B     Flycatcher, Red-breasted         Ad  (China) - this species recently split Red-breasted into Red-breasted Flycatcher and Taiga Flycatcher
A     Flycatcher, Tricolor             Ad  (also known as Yellow-rumped Flycatcher)
A     Flycatcher, Yellow-rumped        Ad  (also known as Tricolor Flycatcher)
A+    Kingbird, Tropical               Ad
A+    Kingbird, Couch's                Ad
A+    Kingbird, Cassin's               Ad
A+    Kingbird, Thick-billed           Ad, Fall
A+    Kingbird, Western                Ad,Juv
A+    Kingbird, Eastern                Ad
A+    Flycatcher, Gray                 S,Fall,Winter
A+    Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed       M,F
B+    Flycatcher, Fork-tailed          Ad Fall

Flycatchers  -  Family: Tyrannidae

B+    Tityra, Masked                   Ad     (Ecuador)
A-    Becard, Gray-collared            Ad     (Resaca de la Palma SP, Texas - 2024)
B     Becard, Rose-throated            M

Shrikes  -  Family: Laniidae

A+    Shrike, Brown                    Ad,Juv  (US, Thailand, Japan, and China)
A+    Shrike, Loggerhead               Ad
A+    Shrike, Northern                 Ad,Juv
A     Shrike, Bull-headed              Ad    (Japan)
A     Shrike, HYBRID                   Ad    (found in Mendocino County, CA and determined to be a hybrid Red-backed Shrike / Turkestan Shrike documented by Peter Pyle)
C+    Shrike, Red-backed               Juv   (seen at Gambell, Alaska during fall, 2017 but lousy photograph)

Vireos  -   Family: Vireonidae

A+    Vireo, Black-capped              M,F
A+    Vireo, White-eyed                Ad
A+    Vireo, Thick-billed              Ad
A-    Vireo, Cuban                     Ad  (Fort Zachary State Park, Key West, Florida)  1st North American Record Apr 20th, 2016
A+    Vireo, Bells (interior)          Ad  (and 'Least' Bell's Vireo as well from coastal California)
A+    Vireo, Gray                      Ad
A+    Vireo, Hutton's                  Ad
A+    Vireo, Yellow-throated           Ad
A     Vireo, Cassin's                  Ad
B     Vireo, Blue-headed               Ad
A+    Vireo, Plumbeous                 Ad, chick
A     Vireo, Philadelphia              Ad
A+    Vireo, Warbling (west&east)      Ad  (both western and eastern races - may be split someday?)
A+    Vireo, Red-eyed                  Ad  (US, Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Vireo, Yellow-green              Ad
A     Vireo, Black-whiskered           Ad

Jays & Crows  -   Family: Corvidae

A+    Jay, Canada                      Ad,Juv   (now the AOU in 2018 decided to rename this back to it's original CANADA JAY from Gray Jay)
A+    Jay, Steller's (both races)      Ad,Juv
A+    Jay, Blue                        Ad
A+    Jay, Green                       Ad
A-    Jay, Brown                       Ad,Juv
A+    Scrub-Jay, Florida               Ad
A+    Scrub-Jay, Island                Ad
A+    Scrub-Jay, California            Ad     (split from Western Scrub-Jay)
A+    Scrub-Jay, Woodhouse's           Ad     (split from Western Scrub-Jay)
A+    Jay, Mexican (Gray-breasted)     Ad,Juv   (formerly called Gray-breasted Jay)
A     Jay, Pinyon                      Ad
A+    Nutcracker, Clark's              Ad,Juv
A+    Magpie, Black-billed             Ad  (US)
A+    Magpie, Yellow-billed            Ad
A+    Magpie, Azure-winged             Ad  (Japan / China)
B+    Magpie-Jay, Black-throated       Ad  (introduced cage bird in Imperial Beach, California)
A+    Crow, American                   Ad
A+    Crow, Northwestern               Ad
A+    Crow, Tamaulipas (Mexican)       Ad
A+    Crow, Fish (+ video-calling)     Ad
__    Crow, Hawai'ian                  Ad    (seen but was not able to get a photo - 1996)
A+    Raven, Chihuahuan                Ad
A+    Raven, Common                    Ad,Juv

Larks  -  Family: Alaudidae

A+    Lark, Eurasian Sky               Ad
A+    Lark, Horned                     Ad,Juv

Swallows  -   Family: Hirundinidae

B+    Swallow, Bank                    Ad
A+    Swallow, Tree                    Ad
A     Swallow, Bahama (also video)     Ad
A+    Swallow, Violet-green            M,F
A+    Swallow, Northern Rough-winged   Ad
A+    Martin, Purple                   M,F,Juv
A+    Swallow, Barn                    Ad,Juv
A+    Swallow, Asian Barn              Ad    (not a full species - plus Asian race of Barn Swallow at Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska)
B     House-Martin, Common             Ad    (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska)
A+    Swallow, Cliff                   Ad
A     Swallow, Cave + West Indies/Asia Ad
B+    Swallow, Red-rumped              Ad    (China)

Chickadees & Titmice   -  Family: Paridae

A+    Chickadee, Carolina              Ad
A+    Chickadee, Black-capped          Ad
A+    Chickadee, Mountain              Ad
A+    Chickadee, Mexican               Ad
A     Chickadee, Chestnut-backed       Ad
A+    Chickadee, Boreal                Ad
__    Chickadee, Gray-headed           Ad    (not gone after this species)
A+    Titmouse, Bridled                Ad
A+    Titmouse, Oak                    Ad
A+    Titmouse, Juniper                Ad
A+    Titmouse, Tufted                 Ad
A+    Titmouse, Black-crested          Ad

Verdin  -   Family: Remizidae

A+    Verdin                           Ad,Juv

Bushtit  -   Family: Aegithalidae

A+    Bushtit, Common                  M,F,F,Juv

Nuthatches  -   Family: Sittidae

A+    Nuthatch, Red-breasted           Ad
A+    Nuthatch, White-breasted         Ad
A     Nuthatch, Pygmy                  Ad
A+    Nuthatch, Brown-headed           Ad

Creeper  -   Family: Certhiidae

A+    Creeper, Brown                   Ad

Wrens  -  Family: Troglodytidae

A+    Wren, Cactus                     Ad
A+    Wren, Rock                       Ad
A-    Wren, Canyon                     Ad
A+    Wren, Carolina                   Ad
A+    Wren, Bewick's                   Ad,Juv
A+    Wren, House                      Ad  (US, Costa Rica)
A+    Wren, Pacific                    Ad
A+    Wren, Winter                     Ad

A+    Wren, Sedge                      Ad
A+    Wren, Grass                      Ad
A+    Wren, Marsh                      Ad
A+    Wren, Sinaloa                    Ad M

Dipper  -   Family: Cinclidae

A+    Dipper, American                 Ad,Juv

Bulbuls  -   Family:

A+    Bulbul, Red-vented               Ad  (Oahu, HI & Houston, TX)
A+    Bulbul, Red-whiskered            Ad
A+    Bulbul, Light-vented (China)     Ad

Kinglets  -   Family: Regulidae

A+    Kinglet, Golden-crowned          M,F
A+    Kinglet, Ruby-crowned            M,F

Old World Warblers & Gnatcatchers   -  Family: Sylviidae

A     Warbler, Willow                  Fall  (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska - 9th N. American Record)
A     Common Chiffchaff                Ad    (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska - Siberian race Siberian Chiffchaff)
A     Warbler, Wood                    Ad?   (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska)
A     Warbler, Dusky                   Fall  (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska / China),
___   Leaf-Warbler, Pallas's
A+    Warbler, Arctic                  Ad    (breeding & fall)
___   Warbler, Kamchatka Leaf
___   Whitethroat, Lesser

A+    Wrentit                          Ad
A     Thick-billed Warbler             Juv   1st North American Record - Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska September 8th-10th, 2017
___   Warbler, Sedge
A+    Blyth's Reed Warbler             Ad    (also named Blyth's Reed-Warbler hyphenated) 1st North American record Gambell, Alaska September 18th-21st, 2015
___   Grasshopper-Warbler, Middendorf's
A     River Warbler                    Juv   (also named Eurasian River Warbler) 1st North American record at Gambell, Alaska October 7th, 2017
___   Warbler, Lanceolated
A     Warbler, Lemon-rumped            Ad    (also known as Pallas's Leaf Warbler)
A     Warbler, Radde's                 Ad
A+    Warbler, Hume's                  Ad
A-    Warbler, Manchurian Bush         Ad    (also known as Korean Bush Warbler)
A     Warbler, Eastern Crowned         Ad
A+    Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray           Ad,W
A+    Gnatcatcher, California          Ad
A+    Gnatcatcher, Black-tailed        Ad
A+    Gnatcatcher, Black-capped        M,F

Thrushes   -  Family: Turdidae

A-    Rubythroat, Siberian             M
A     Bluethroat                       M,F
A+    Shama, White-rumped              M,F    (Oahu and Maui, Hawai'i / Thailand)
A+    Wheatear, Northern               M,F
A+    Wheatear, Pied                   M (F)  (Cape Nome, Nome, AK - July, 2017)
A+    Bluetail, Red-flanked            Ad     (Gambell, Alaska, and in China and Hong Kong - and called Orange-flanked Bush-Robin in Asia)
A+    Bush-Robin, Orange-flanked       Ad     (Gambell, Alaska, and in China and Hong Kong - and called Red-flanked Bluetail in Asia)
A+    Stonechat, Asian                 M,F,Juv (also called Siberian Stonechat; Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska and Hokkaido, Japan)
A+    Stonechat, Siberian              M,F,Juv (also called Asian Stonechat; Thailand)
A+    Bluebird, Eastern                M,F
A+    Bluebird, Eastern (Azure)        M      (Harshaw Cyn, Patagonia, Arizona)
A+    Bluebird, Western                M,F,Juv
A+    Bluebird, Mountain               M,F
A     Solitaire, Townsend's            Ad
C     Solitaire, Brown-backed          Ad   (Arizona)
A+    Veery                            Ad
A+    Thrush, Gray-cheeked             Ad
A     Thrush, Bicknell's               Ad   (White Mountains -Mt. Washington- and -Cannon Mountain- New Hampshire)  Bicknell's_Thrush_VIDEO HERE
A+    Thrush, Swainson's               Ad  (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+    Thrush, Hermit                   Ad
A+    Thrush, Wood                     Ad
A+    Thrush, Eyebrowed                Ad
A     Thrush, Gray-backed              Ad/W  (Hong Kong)
A     Thrush, Brown-headed             Ad/W  (Japan)
A     Thrush, Dusky                    Fall  (Langley, British Columbia, Anchorage, Alaska, and Japan)
A     Fieldfare                        Ad    (Carlisle, Massachusetts 3/2013 and Apple River, Nova Scotia, Canada)
A     Redwing                          Ad    (Saanich, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
A     Thrush, Mistle                   Ad    (Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada)
A+    Thrush, Clay-colored             Ad    (prior named Clay-colored Robin and photos from Costa Rica - it's National Bird)
A-    Thrush, White-throated           Ad    (first Arizona record -  1/11/2019)
A+    Robin, Rufous-backed             Ad
A+    Robin, American                  Ad,Juv
A+    Thrush, Varied                   M,F
A     Thrush, Aztec                    M,Juv
A     Oma'o                            Ad    (Big Island, Hawai'i) Omao

Babblers   -  Family: Timaliidae

A+    Leiothrix, Red-billed            M,F   (Oahu & Big Island, Hawai'i)

White-eye   -  Family: Zosteropidae

A+    White-eye, Japanese              Ad  (Japan)
A+    White-eye, Warbling              Ad  (Continental US / Hawai'i)
A     White-eye, Swinhoe's             Ad  (California)

Mockingbirds & Thrashers  -  Family: Mimidae

A+    Catbird, Gray                    Ad
A+    Mockingbird, Northern            Ad  (Continental US & Hawai'i)
A+    Mockingbird, Bahama              Ad
B     Mockingbird, Tropical            Ad  (Sabine Woods, Sabine Pass, Texas June, 2012)
A+    Thrasher, Sage                   Ad
A+    Thrasher, Brown                  Ad
A+    Thrasher, Long-billed            Ad
A+    Thrasher, Bendire's              Ad
A+    Thrasher, Curve-billed           Ad
A+    Thrasher, California             Ad, Juv
A+    Thrasher, Crissal                Ad
A     Thrasher, LeConte's              Ad
A+    Mockingbird, Blue                Ad

Starling  -   Family: Sturnidae

A+    Starling, European               S,W
A     Myna, Common                     Ad  (Continental US / Hawai'i / Thailand) - Name changed to Common Hill-Myna
A+    Myna, Crested                    Ad  (Vancouver, British Columbia & in China)

Accentors  -   Family: Prunellidae

A+    Accentor, Siberian               F,W   (Idaho and St. Paul, Pribilofs & Gambell, Alaska)

Wagtails & Pipits   -  Family: Motacillidae

A+    Wagtail, Eastern Yellow          M     (US / China - also images of macronyx)
A+    Wagtail, Gray                    M     (Attu Island, Alaska, Thailand, and Japan)
B+    Wagtail, Citrine                 Fall  (Comox, British Columbia - Vancouver Island)
A+    Wagtail, White                   M     (lumped now with Black-backed Wagtail)
A     Wagtail, Black-backed            Ad    (lumped back in with White Wagtail)
A+    Pipit, Olive-backed              Ad    (seen on Attu Island, AK twice and finally photos near home in Yorba Linda, CA)
A     Pipit, Pechora                   Ad    (Attu Island, Alaska)
A     Pipit, Red-throated              Ad,Fall
A+    Pipit, American                  Ad    (plus Japonicus race)
A+    Pipit, American (japonicus)      Ad    (US / Japan)
A+    Pipit, Sprague's                 Ad, Fall

Waxwings  -   Family: Bombycillidae

A     Waxwing, Bohemian                Ad
A+    Waxwing, Cedar                   Ad,Juv

Phainopepla  -   Family: Ptilogonatidae

A+    Silky-Flycatcher, Gray           Ad
A+    Phainopepla                      M,F

Olive Warbler  -   Family: Peucedramidae

A+    Warbler, Olive                   M,F

Wood Warblers  (New World Warblers) -   Family: Parulidae

A     Warbler, Blue-winged             M
A     Warbler, Golden-winged           M
A     Warbler, Brewster's              M   (hybrid of Golden-winged / Blue-winged Warbler)
A+    Warbler, Tennessee               M
A+    Warbler, Orange-crowned          Ad
A+    Warbler, Nashville               M
A     Warbler, Virginia's              Ad,F
B+    Warbler, Colima                  Ad
A+    Warbler, Lucy's                  M,F
A-    Warbler, Crescent-chested        Ad    (seen 3 individual birds at two places and finally May 2nd, 2020 got photos!)
A+    Parula, Northern                 M,F
A     Parula, Tropical                 M,F
A+    Warbler, Yellow                  M,F   (including Mangrove Yellow Warbler race)
C     Warbler, Mangrove                M     (Mangrove Yellow Warbler is a form of Yellow)
A+    Warbler, Chestnut-sided          M,F,Fall
A+    Warbler, Magnolia                M
A+    Warbler, Cape May                M,F
A+    Warbler, Black-throated Blue     M,F
A+    Warbler, Yellow-rumped           M,F,Juv  (audubon's and myrtle's races)
A+    Warbler, Black-throated Gray     M,F
A     Warbler, Golden-cheeked          M
A+    Warbler, Black-throated Green    M,F
A+    Warbler, Townsend's              M,F
A-    Warbler, Hermit                  M
A+    Warbler, Blackburnian            Ad M,F, Winter  (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+    Warbler, Yellow-throated         Ad  (yellow-lored and white-lored)
A     Warbler, Grace's                 M,F
A+    Warbler, Pine                    M,F,Fall, 1st year female
A     Warbler, Kirtland's              M
A     Warbler, Prairie                 M,F
A+    Warbler, Palm (eastern race)     Ad
A+    Warbler, Palm (western race)     Fall
A+    Warbler, Bay-breasted            M,F,Winter Male
A+    Warbler, Blackpoll               M,F,Fall
A     Warbler, Cerulean                M,Juv
A+    Warbler, Black-and-white         M,F
A+    Redstart, American               M,F,1st yr M
A+    Warbler, Prothonotary            M,F
A     Warbler, Worm-eating             Ad
A     Warbler, Swainson's              Ad
A+    Ovenbird                         Ad
A+    Waterthrush, Northern            Ad
A     Waterthrush, Louisiana           Ad
A+    Warbler, Kentucky                M,F
A     Warbler, Connecticut             F,Fall
A+    Warbler, Mourning                M,F
A+    Warbler, MacGillivrays           M
A+    Yellowthroat, Common             M,F,Juv
A+    Yellowthroat, Belding's          M
A+    Yellowthroat, Bahama             I
B     Warbler, Olive-capped            Ad
A+    Yellowthroat, Gray-crowned       Ad,M
A+    Warbler, Hooded                  M,F
A+    Warbler, Wilson's                M,F
A+    Warbler, Canada                  M,F
A+    Warbler, Red-faced               Ad
A+    Redstart, Painted                Ad
A+    Redstart, Slate-throated         Ad  1st yr  (US, Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     Warbler, Fan-tailed              Ad
A     Warbler, Rufous-capped           Ad
A+    Chat, Yellow-breasted            Ad

A     Warbler, Golden-crowned          Ad  (Texas)

Bananaquits  -   Family: Coerebidae

A+    Bananaquit                       Ad,Juv  (US, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Ecuador)

Tanagers  -   Family: Thraupidae

A+    Tanager, Hepatic                 M,F
A+    Tanager, Summer                  M,F+molting
A+    Tanager, Scarlet                 M,F,Fall
A+    Tanager, Western                 M,F,Fall
A+    Tanager, Flame-colored           M,F,Juv
A     Spindalis, Western               F
   Red-legged Honeycreeper          M,F  (Sabine Woods, TX 10/2022 plus Costa Rica)

Emberizids   -  Family: Emberizidae

A-    Seedeater, Morelet's             M,F    (name changed from WHITE-COLLARED SEEDEATER to MORELET'S SEEDEATER per AOU 2018)
A-    Seedeater, White-collared        M,F    (name changed from WHITE-COLLARED SEEDEATER to MORELET'S SEEDEATER per AOU 2018)
A     Grassquit, Yellow-faced          M,F
A+    Grassquit, Black-faced           Ad,M,F (Florida and Bahamas)
A+    Sparrow, Olive                   Ad
A     Towhee, Green-tailed             Ad,Juv
A+    Towhee, Spotted                  Ad,Juv
A     Towhee, Eastern                  Ad
A+    Towhee, Canyon                   Ad
A+    Towhee, California               Ad
A+    Towhee, Abert's                  Ad,Juv
B+    Sparrow, Bachman's               Ad
A     Sparrow, Botteris                Ad
B     Sparrow, Botteris; texana        Ad  (slide of texana race needs to be scanned and placed up on website)
A+    Sparrow, Rufous-crowned          Ad
A+    Sparrow, Rufous-winged           Ad
A     Sparrow, Five-striped            Ad
A+    Sparrow, American Tree           Ad,Juv
A+    Sparrow, Chipping                Ad,W,Juv
A+    Sparrow, Clay-colored            Ad,W
A+    Sparrow, Brewer's                Ad
A     Sparrow, Cassin's                Ad
A     Sparrow, Field                   Ad
A+    Sparrow, Black-chinned           Ad
A+    Sparrow, Vesper                  Ad
A+    Sparrow, Lark                    Ad
A+    Sparrow, Sagebrush (Great Basin) Ad  (formerly Sage Sparrow)
A     Sparrow, Bell's (California)     Ad  (formerly Sage Sparrow)
A+    Bunting, Lark                    M,F,Juv,Fall
A+    Sparrow, Black-throated          Ad,Juv
A+    Sparrow, Savannah               
Ad, also beldingi and large-billed races
A+    Sparrow, Large-billed (Savannah) Ad
A+    Sparrow, Grasshopper             Ad
A     Sparrow, Baird's                 Ad
A     Sparrow, Henslow's               Ad
A-    Sparrow, LeConte's               Ad
A+    Sparrow, Nelsons                 Ad      (formerly called Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow)
A+    Sparrow, Saltmarsh               Ad      (formerly called Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow)
A     Sparrow, Seaside                 Ad,Juv
A+    Sparrow, Fox                     Ad,      "Red" Taiga, Sooty
A+    Sparrow, Song                    Ad,Juv
A+    Sparrow, Lincoln's               Ad,Juv
A     Sparrow, Swamp                   Ad
A+    Sparrow, White-throated          Ad,Juv   (white-lored / tan-lored race)
A+    Sparrow, Harris's                W,Juv
A+    Sparrow, White-crowned + races   Ad,Juv
A+    Sparrow, Golden-crowned          Ad,Juv,W
A+    Junco, Dark-eyed (all races)     M,F,Juv
A+    Junco, Dark-eyed (red-backed)    Ad
A+    Junco, Yellow-eyed               Ad,Juv
A+    Longspur, McCown's               Ad,W     (
go to hell Woke morons / AOS / eBird, and all the other idiots on this planet that want
                                                 to change every bird name for moronic reasons
- also called Thick-billed Longspur by ignorant
                                                 Woke morons who have nothing better to do than screw birders)
A+    Longspur, Lapland                M,F,W
A+    Longspur, Smith's                Ad,W
A+    Longspur, Chestnut-collared      M,F,W
A+    Bunting, Little                  F,W   (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska - slide needs to be scanned/uploaded to website as well)
A+    Bunting, Pallas's                Fall  (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska)
A-    Bunting, Yellow-breasted         Fall  (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska)
A+    Bunting, Rustic                  M,F,W (Japan, Alaska, California)
A     Bunting, Japanese Reed           M
A+    Bunting, Tristram's              M,F
A+    Bunting, Snow                    M,F
A     Bunting, McKay's                 M,F (fall)
A     Bunting, Pine                    Ad    (Oct 6, 1993 Attu Island, Alaska)

Cardinals   -  Family: Cardinalidae

A+    Cardinal, Northern               M,F
A+    Cardinal, Red-crested            Ad   (Oahu & Kauai, Hawai'i)
A+    Cardinal, Yellow-billed          Ad,Juv (Big Island, Hawai'i)
A+    Pyrrhuloxia                      M,F
A+    Grosbeak, Yellow                 M,Juv
B+    Grosbeak, Crimson-collared       F
A+    Grosbeak, Rose-breasted          M,F
A+    Grosbeak, Black-headed           M,F,Juv
A+    Bunting, Blue                    M,F
A+    Grosbeak, Blue                   M,F
A+    Bunting, Lazuli                  M,F,Juv
A+    Bunting, Indigo                  M,F,Juv
A+    Bunting, Varied                  M
A+    Bunting, Painted                 M,F
A+    Dickcissel                       M,F,Juv

Blackbirds & Orioles   -  Family: Icteridae

A+    Bobolink                         M,F,Fall
A+    Blackbird, Red-winged            M,F
A+    Blackbird, Tricolored            M,F
A+    Meadowlark, Eastern              Ad
A+    Meadowlark, Chihuahuan           Ad   (the previously known race of Eastern Meadowlark was Lillian's Meadowlark, now split and now Chihuahuan)
A+    Meadowlark, Western              Ad   (Continental US and Hawai'i)
A+    Blackbird, Yellow-headed         M,F
A+    Blackbird, Rusty                 M,F,Fall
A+    Blackbird, Brewer's              M,F
A+    Grackle, Common                  M    (bronze and purple races)
A+    Grackle, Boat-tailed             M,F
A+    Grackle, Great-tailed            M,F
A+    Cowbird, Shiny                   M
A+    Cowbird, Bronzed                 M,F
A+    Cowbird, Brown-headed            M,F
A+    Oriole, Orchard                  M,F,1stY
A+    Oriole, Hooded                   M,F,1stY
A+    Oriole, Streak-backed            M,Juv
A+    Oriole, Bullock's                M,F,Juv
A+    Oriole, Spot-breasted            Ad
A+    Oriole, Altamira                 Ad
A+    Oriole, Audubon's                Ad
A+    Oriole, Baltimore                M,F,1stY
A+    Oriole, Scott's                  M

Finches  -   Family: Fringillidae

A     Brambling                        M,F,W
A+    Rosy-Finch, Gray-crowned         M,F
A+    Rosy-Finch, Black                M,F
A+    Rosy-Finch, Brown-capped         M,F
A+    Grosbeak, Pine                   M,F
A     Rosefinch, Common                I     (Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska)
A+    Finch, Purple                    M,F
A+    Finch, Cassin's                  M,F
A+    Finch, House                     M,F
A     Crossbill, Red                   M,F
A-    Crossbill, Cassia                M,F   (South Hills outside Twin Falls, Idaho)
A-    Crossbill, White-winged          M,F
A+    Redpoll, Common                  M,F
A+    Redpoll, Hoary                   M
__    Siskin, Eurasian                 M     (seen on Attu Island, Alaska but was not able to get a photo - clicked one nanosecond after it flew!  Noble Proctor had tried getting me on it quickly though)
A+    Siskin, Pine                     Ad
A+    Goldfinch, Lesser                M,F
A+    Goldfinch, Lawrence's            M,F
A+    Goldfinch, American              M,F
A+    Goldfinch, European              M      (not a 'countable' species in the US - slides to be scanned also)
A-    Greenfinch, Oriental             M,F
A+    Bullfinch, Eurasian              M,F
A     Grosbeak, Evening                M,F
A+    Grosbeak, Chinese                M,F
A+    Hawfinch                         M

Old World Sparrows  -   Family: Passeridae

A+    Sparrow, House                   M,F  (US, Thailand, Costa Rica, Ecuador)

A+    Sparrow, Eurasian Tree           Ad   (US / Japan / China)

......  -   Family: Estrildinae

A+    Munia, Scaly-breasted            Ad M,F   (formerly called Nutmeg Mannikin and also called Spice Finch) escaped CAGE BIRD! but now added to ABA List
A+    Munia, Chestnut                  Ad       (slides need to be scanned/uploaded to website.) also known as Chestnut-headed Munia or Black-headed Munia but escaped CAGE BIRD!
A     Munia, Tricolored
C+    Mannikin, Bronze                 Ad M     (escaped CAGE BIRD!)
A     Sparrow, Java                    Ad       (Oahu and Kauai, Hawai'i)
A+    Bishop, Northern Red             M,F      (formerly called Orange Bishop) but escaped CAGE BIRD!
A+    Pin-tailed Whydah                M,F      (escaped CAGE BIRD!)

H A W A I' I

(There are many more images to add that have not been uploaded yet!)

A     Petrel, Kermadec                 Ad  (Kauai - dark morph)
A     Tropicbird, White-tailed         Ad  (Kauai)
A+    Tropicbird, Red-tailed           Ad  (Kauai)
A+    Booby, Brown                     Ad  (Kauai)
A+    Booby, Red-footed                Ad,1st yr (Kauai)
A+    Frigatebird, Great               M,F (Kauai)
A+    Nene                             Ad,1st yr (Kauai & Hawai'i) - also called Hawaiian Goose
A+    Duck, Hawaiian                   M,F (Oahu & Kauai)
A     Hawk, Hawaiian                   M,F (Hakalau Forest NWR, Hawai'i - light & dark morph individuals)
A+    Owl, Short-eared                 Ad  (Big Island, Hawai'i) Hawaiian Owl

A-    Francolin, Black                 M,F (Kauai)
A+    Francolin, Erckel's              M,F (Kauai & Hawai'i)
A+    Francolin, Gray                  Ad  (Hawai'i)
A+    Pheasant, Kalij                  M,F (Kauai & Hawai'i)
A+    Junglefowl, Red                  M,F,chicks (Kauai & Hawai'i & Florida)
A     Gallinule, Hawaiian              Ad  (Kauai) Common Gallinule
A     Coot, Hawaiian                   Ad  (Maui & Kauai)
A+    Stilt, Hawaiian                  Ad  (Maui & Kauai) Black-necked Stilt
A     Noddy, Brown                     Ad  (Kauai, Hawai'i)
B+    Tern, White                      Ad  (Oahu) also know as Fairy Tern or Fairy-Tern
A+    Sandgrouse, Chestnut-bellied     M,F (Big Island, Hawai'i)

A+    Dove, Zebra                      M,F (Oahu & Maui & Kauai & Hawai'i)
B     Parakeet, Rose-ringed            Ad  (Kauai)
A     Parakeet, Mitred                 Ad  (Hawai'i)
A+    Bulbul, Red-vented               Ad  (Oahu, Hawai'i)
A+    Bulbul, Red-whiskered            Ad  (Oahu, Hawai'i)
A-    Warbler, Japanese Bush           Ad  (Kauai & Hawai'i)
A     Elepaio, Hawaii                  Ad  (Hawai'i) Hawai'i 'Elepaio
A+    Shama, White-rumped              M,F (Maui & Kauai & Hawai'i and Thailand)
A     Oma'o                            Ad  (Hawai'i) Hawaiian Thrush, Omao
A     Hwamei                           Ad  (Kauai & Hawai'i) Chinese Hwamei or Melodious Laughing Thrush
A     Melodious Laughing Thrush        Ad  (Kauai & Hawai'i) Chinese Hwamei or Melodious Laughing Thrush
A+    Leiothrix, Red-billed            M,F (Oahu & Hawai'i)
A+    Myna, Common                     Ad  (Oahu & Maui & Kauai & Big Island, Hawai'i plus Florida & Thailand)
A+    White-eye, Japanese              Ad  (Oahu & Maui & Kauai & Hawai'i plus California)
A+    Cardinal, Red-crested            Ad  (Oahu & Kauai)
A+    Cardinal, Yellow-billed          Ad,Juv (Hawai'i)
A+    Finch, Saffron                   M,F (Hawai'i & Ecuador)
A+    Canary, Yellow-fronted           M,F (Hawai'i)
A     Palila                           Ad  (Hawai
'i) - Pu'u La'au, Ka'ohe Game Mgmt Area west side of Mauna Kea
A-    Amakihi, Common                  Ad  (Oahu, Hawai'i) Oahu Amakihi - Oahu 'Amakihi
B     Amakihi, Kauai                   Ad  (Kauai) - Kauai 'Amakihi
A+    Amakihi, Hawaii                  Ad  (Hawai'i)- Hawai'i 'Amakihi
A     Creeper, Hawaii                  Ad  (Hawai'i) - (Hakalau Forest NWR, Hawai'i) - Hawai'i Creeper
A     Akepa, Hawaii                    Ad,Juv (Hawai'i - Hakalau Forest NWR) - Hawai'i Akepa
B     'I'iwi                           Ad  (Maui & Hawai'i) - 'I'iwi (pronounced E E Vee)
A+    Apapane                          Ad  (Oahu & Maui & Kauai & Hawai'i)
A     Waxbill, Black-rumped            Ad  (slides need to be scanned/uploaded to website.)
A+    Waxbill, Common                  Ad,Juv (Oahu & Hawai'i)
A+    Waxbill, Lavender                Ad  (Hawai'i)
A+    Waxbill, Orange-cheeked          Ad  (Hawai'i)
B     Avadavat, Red                    Juvenal (Kauai)
A+    Silverbill, African              M,F (and also slides need to be scanned/uploaded to website.)
A     Munia, Chestnut                  Ad  (slides need to be scanned/uploaded to website.) also known as Chestnut-headed Munia or Black-headed Munia
A+    Munia, Scaly-breasted            Ad,Juv (Oahu & Kauai & Hawai'i)
A+    Sparrow, Java                    Ad,Juv
B+    Dove, Ringed Turtle              Ad  (slides need to be scanned/uploaded to website.)

A     Wild Goat                        Ad  (also know as Feral Goat and Hawai'ian Ibex)  Big Island, Hawai'i

A     Hawaiian Ibex                    Ad  (also know as Feral Goat and Hawai'ian Ibex)  Big Island, Hawai'i


C O S T A    R I C A

(There are many more images to add that have not been uploaded yet!)

A+    Gray-headed Chachalaca         Ad
A+    Spotted Wood-Quail             Ad
___   Sungrebe                       Ad
A+    Black-bellied Whistling-Duck   Ad
A+    Muscovy Duck                   Ad
A+    Neotropic Cormorant            Ad
A+    Anhinga                        M,F
A+    Brown Pelican                  Ad
A+    Magnificent Frigatebird        M,F,Juv
A+    Royal Tern                     Ad
A+    Bare-throated Tiger-Heron      Ad,Juv
A+    Fasciated Tiger-Heron          Ad

A+    Tricolored Heron               Ad
A+    Little Blue Heron              Ad
A+    Great Egret                    Ad
A+    Great Blue Heron               Ad
A+    Western_Cattle Egret           Ad
A+    Snowy Egret                    Ad
A+    Black-crowned Night-Heron      Ad,Juv
A-    Boat-billed Heron              Ad
A+    White Ibis                     Ad,Juv
A-    Green Ibis                     Ad
A+    Spotted Sandpiper              Ad
A+    Northern Jacana                Ad
A+    Black Vulture                  Ad
A+    Turkey Vulture                 Ad
___   King Vulture                   Ad
A+    Osprey                         Ad
A+    Black Vulture                  Ad
A+    Turkey Vulture                 Ad
A+    Crane Hawk                     Ad
A+    Swallow-tailed Kite            Ad
A+    White-tailed Kite              Ad
A+    Cooper's Hawk                  Ad
A     Short-tailed Hawk              Ad  (light and dark morph)
A+    Hawk, Roadside                 Ad,Juv  (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+    Broad-winged Hawk              Ad
A+    Gray Hawk                      Ad
A+    Gray-lined Hawk                Ad
A+    Red-tailed Hawk                Ad
___   Tiny Hawk                      Ad
A+    American Kestrel               Ad  (US & Bahama's race)
A     Merlin                         Ad
A+    Crested Caracara               Ad
A+    Yellow-headed Caracara         Ad,Juv
A     Laughing Falcon                Ad
A     Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl          Ad
___   Unspotted Saw-whet Owl         Ad  (heard only)
A     Common Potoo                   Ad  (Cosa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Common Pauraque                Ad
B-    Dusky Nightjar                 Ad
A+    Lesser Nighthawk               Ad
C     Black Swift                    Ad
A     White-collared Swift           Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
B     Costa Rican Swift              Ad
A+    Mangrove Swallow               Ad
A+    Blue-and-white Swallow         Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Cliff Swallow                  Ad
A     Gray-breasted Martin           Ad
A     Southern Rough-winged Swallow  Ad
A+    Barn Swallow                   Ad,Juv
___   Bronzy Hermit                  Ad
___   Green Hermit                   Ad
A     Stripe-throated Hermit         Ad
B     Long-billed Hermit             Ad
A+    Green-crowned Brilliant        M,F,Juv
A+    Talamanca Hummingbird          M,F,Juv (was Magnificent Hummingbird - Rivoli's Hummingbird and Talamanca)
A+    Fiery-throated Hummingbird     Ad
A     Scaly-breasted Hummingbird     Ad
B     Purple-crowned Fairy           Ad
A+    White-necked Jacobin           M,F  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Violet-crowned Woodnymph       Ad  (also known as Crowned Woodnymph)
A+    Green-crowned Woodnymph        Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A-    Snowy-bellied Hummingbird      Ad
A+    Stripe-tailed Hummingbird      M,F
A     White-tailed Emerald           M,F
A     Blue-throated Goldentail       M
A+    Rufous-tailed Hummingbird      Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Cinnamon Hummingbird           Ad
B     Mangrove Hummingbird           M,F (Costa Rica)

A+    Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer      Ad
B+    Green-breasted Mango           Ad
A+    Lesser Violetear               Ad    (split from Green Violetear - Mexican Violetear and Lesser) seen in Costa Rica & Ecuador
A+    Purple-throated Mountain-gem   M,F
A+    White-throated Mountain-gem    M,F
A+    Green Thorntail                M,F  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     Black-crested Coquette         M,F
A+    Violet-tailed Sylph            M,F,Juv
A+    Snowcap                        M,F
A+    Violet-headed Hummingbird      M,F
A+    Scintillant Hummingbird        M,F
A+    Volcano Hummingbird            M,F
A+    Pigeon, Rock                   Ad     (formerly called Rock Dove)
A+    Band-tailed Pigeon             Ad
A+    Pale-vented Pigeon             Ad
A+    Red-billed Pigeon              Ad
A-    Short-billed Pigeon            Ad
B-    Ruddy Pigeon                   Ad
A+    White-winged Dove              Ad
A+    Inca Dove                      Ad
A+    Ruddy Ground-Dove              M,F
A-    Gray-headed Dove               Ad
A     White-tipped Dove              Ad
A     Chiriqui Quail-Dove            Ad
A-    Sulphur-winged Parakeet        Ad
A     Orange-fronted Parakeet        Ad
A+    Great Green Macaw              Ad
A+    Scarlet Macaw                  Ad
A     Mealy Parrot                   Ad
A+    Smooth-billed Ani              Ad
A+    Groove-billed Ani              Ad
A     Squirrel Cuckoo                Ad
A     Gartered Trogon                F
A     Black-throated Trogon          M,F
A+    Resplendent Quetzal            M,F
B     Slaty-tailed Trogon            M
A+    Lesson's Motmot                Ad  (also known as Blue-crowned Motmot)
A+    Broad-billed Motmot            Ad  (Costa Rica)
A+    Rufous Motmot                  Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     Ringed Kingfisher             
A+    Green Kingfisher               M,F
___   American Pygmy Kingfisher      Ad
A+    Amazon Kingfisher              M,F
A+    Rufous-tailed Jacamar          F
A+    Red-headed Barbet              M,F
A+    Blue-throated Toucanet         Ad  (was named Emerald Toucanet but found to be a unique species now called Blue-throated Toucanet)
A+    Emerald Toucanet               Ad  (was named Emerald Toucanet but found to be a unique species now called Blue-throated Toucanet)
A+    Collared Aracari               Ad
A+    Keel-billed Toucan             Ad
A+    Yellow-throated Toucan         Ad  (also known as Chestnut-mandibled Toucan and Black-mandibled Toucan) seen in Costa Rica & Ecuador
A+    Acorn Woodpecker               M,F
A+    Black-cheeked Woodpecker       M,F
A+    Hoffmann's Woodpecker          M,F
A+    Hairy Woodpecker               Ad
A+    Pale-billed Woodpecker         Ad
___   Plain Xenops                   Ad
A+    Cocoa Woodcreeper              Ad
A-    Spot-crowned Woodcreeper       Ad
A-    Ruddy Treerunner               Ad
B-    Lineated Foliage-gleaner       Ad
A+    Fasciated Antshrike            F
___   Great Antshrike                M
A_    Black-hooded Antshrike         M,F
A+    Mountain Elaenia               Ad
B-    Common Tody-Flycatcher         Ad
B     Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher   Ad
B     Sulphur-rumped Flycatcher      Ad
A+    Bright-rumped Attila           Ad
___   Rufous Mourner                 Ad
B     Long-tailed Tyrant             Ad
A-    Tropical Pewee                 Ad
A     Yellow-bellied Flycatcher      Ad
A+    Olive-sided Flycatcher         Ad
A+    Yellowish Flycatcher           Ad
A+    Black-capped Flycatcher        Ad
A+    Tufted Flycatcher              Ad
A     Scissor-tailed Flycatcher      Ad
A+    Black Phoebe                   Ad
A+    Dusky-capped Flycatcher        Ad
A+    Great Kiskadee                 Ad
A+    Social Flycatcher              Ad  (also in TX and Ecuador)
A     Boat-billed Flycatcher         Ad
A     Gray-capped Flycatcher         Ad
___   White-ringed Flycatcher        Ad
A+    Tropical Kingbird              Ad
A+    Western Kingbird               Ad
A+    Rose-throated Becard           M,F
A-    White-collared Manakin         F
A+    White-throated Magpie-Jay      Ad
A+    Black-billed Nightingale-Thrush Ad
A+    Ruddy-capped Nightingale-Thrush Ad
A     Wood Thrush                    Ad
A+    Sooty Thrush                   Ad
A+    Mountain Thrush                Ad
A+    Clay-colored Thrush            Ad  (also from Costa Rica - the Costa Rican National Bird)
A+    Tropical Mockingbird           Ad
A-    Black-and-yellow Silky-Flycatcher M,F
A+    Long-tailed Silky-Flycatcher   M,F
A+    Cedar Waxwing                  Ad
D     Tropical Gnatcatcher           Ad
A+    Rufous-naped Wren              Ad
A+    Bay Wren                       Ad
B     Plain Wren                     Ad
A     Southern House Wren            Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     Timberline Wren                Ad
A+    Gray-breasted Wood-Wren        Ad,Juv  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     White-eyed Vireo               Ad
A     Yellow-throated Vireo          Ad
C+    Yellow-winged Vireo            Ad
A+    Warbling Vireo                 Ad
A-    Philadelphia Vireo             Ad
A     Lesser Greenlet                Ad
B     Rufous-browed Peppershrike     Ad
A+    Ovenbird                       Ad
A+    Northern Waterthrush           Ad
A     Buff-rumped Warbler            Ad
A+    Black-and-white Warbler        Ad
A+    Tennessee Warbler              Ad
A+    Orange-crowned Warbler         Ad
A+    Yellow Warbler                 M,F
A+    Flame-throated Warbler         Ad
A+    Yellow-rumped Warbler          Ad
A+    Chestnut-sided Warbler         M,F
A     Townsend's Warbler             Ad
A-    Hermit Warbler                 Ad
A+    Wilson's Warbler               Ad
A+    Redstart, Slate-throated       Ad  1st yr  (US, Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Collared Redstart              Ad
A     Rufous-capped Warbler          Ad
B+    Black-cheeked Warbler          Ad
___   Gray-headed Tanager            Ad
___   White-shouldered Tanager       Ad
A+    Scarlet-rumped Tanager         M,F  (This is the species name which Cherrie's and Passerini's Tanagers were lumped back in to - thus "new" name)
A+    Passerini's Tanager            M,F
A+    Cherrie's Tanager              M,F
A+    Crimson-collared Tanager       Ad
A+    Blue-gray Tanager              Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Palm Tanager                   Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Silver-throated Tanager        M,F  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     Speckled Tanager               Ad
A+    Golden-hooded Tanager          Ad
A     Spangle-cheeked Tanager        Ad
A+    Dusky-faced Tanager            Ad
A+    Bananaquit                     Ad,Juv  (US, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+    Green Honeycreeper             M,F  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Red-legged Honeycreeper        M,F
A+    Slaty Flowerpiercer            Ad
A     Slaty Finch                    Ad
A+    Blue-black Grassquit           M,F   (Costa Rica & SW of Central, Arizona)
A+    Thick-billed Seed-Finch        M,F
A     Cinnamon-rumped Seedeater      M,F   (was White-collared Seedeater)
A     Variable Seedeater             M,F
A     Yellow-faced Grassquit         M,F
A+    Buff-throated Saltator         Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
___   Black-headed Saltator          Ad
A+    Yellow-thighed Brushfinch      Ad  (formerly called Yellow-thighed Finch)
A+    Large-footed Finch             Ad
A+    Orange-billed Sparrow          Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     Chestnut-capped Brushfinch     Ad
B+    Black-striped Sparrow          Ad
A     Stripe-headed Sparrow          Ad
B+    Common Chlorospingus           Ad  (formerly known as Common Bush-Tanager)
A     Sooty-capped Chlorospingus     Ad
A+    Rufous-collared Sparrow        Ad   (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Sparrow, House                 M,F  (US, Thailand, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
B+    Blue-black Grosbeak            M,F
B     Blue Seedeater                 M
A+    Rose-breasted Grosbeak         M
A+    Red-throated Ant-Tanager       Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Hepatic Tanager                M,F
A+    Summer Tanager                 Ad
A+    Flame-colored Tanager          M,F
A+    Eastern Meadowlark             Ad
C+    Red-breasted Meadowlark        M,F
A+    Melodious Blackbird            Ad
A+    Bronzed Cowbird                Ad
___   Giant Cowbird                  Ad
A+    Great-tailed Grackle           M,F
A+    Black-cowled Oriole            Ad
A+    Bullock's Oriole               M,F
A+    Baltimore Oriole               M,F
A     Montezuma Oropendola           Ad
A+    Lesser Goldfinch               M,F
A-    Yellow-bellied Siskin          M,F
A+    Olive-backed Euphonia          M,F
A     Thick-billed Euphonia          M,F  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)

Costa Rica Mammals / Other:

A+    Mantled Howler Monkey          Ad,Juv
B     Spider Monkey                  Ad
A+    White-headed Capuchin          Ad,Juv
A     Brahma Bull                    Ad
A+    Saanen Goat                    Ad
A     American Crocodile             Ad
A     Black River Turtle             Ad
A     White-nosed Coati              Ad
A+    Green-and-Black Poison Dart Frog  Ad  (also knows as Green and Black Poison Dart Frog)
A     Spectacled Caiman              Ad
A     Plumed Basilisk                Ad  (also known as Jesus Christ Lizard)
A     Green Spiny Lizard             Ad
B     Southern Alligator Lizard      Ad
B     House Gecko                    Ad
C     Yellow-headed Gecko            Ad
A+    Common Green Iguana            Ad
A+    Cape Spiny-tailed Iguana       Ad
B-    Central American Whiptail      Ad  (also known as Middle American Ameiva or Tiger Ameiva)
A+    Variegated Squirrel            Ad
A-    Hoffmanns Two-toed Sloth       Ad    (or simply Two-toed Sloth)
A+    Brown-throated_Sloth           Ad,Juv  (also known as
Three-toed Sloth or Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth)
A+    White-tailed Deer              Ad
A+    Long-tailed Skipper            Ad
A     Orange-barred Sulphur Butterfly Ad
A     Banded Peacock                      (Costa Rica)
A+    Tiger Longwing                 Ad   (Costa Rica)
A     Banded Peacock                 Ad
A     Katydid                        Ad
A     Brazilian Long-nosed Bat       Ad  (also known as Long-nosed Bat, or Proboscis Bat)
A+    Blue Morpho (menelaus)         Ad  (Costa Rica / Ecuador)  also known as Menelaus Blue Morpho and Menelaus Morpho

several other butterfly and insects to be identified and uploaded



(There are many more images to add that have not been uploaded yet!)
Species below in Alphabetical Sequence until I finish all of them then will be in proper Order:

B+    Zeledon's Antbird              M
A     Chestnut-crowned Antpitta      Ad
B+    Moustached Antpitta            Ad
A     Ochre-breasted Antpitta        Ad
A     Scaled Antpitta                Ad
___   White-bellied Antpitta         Ad
___   Giant Antpitta                 Ad
A+    Yellow-breasted Antpitta       Ad
A+    Pale-mandibled Aracari         Ad
A+    Bananaquit                     Ad,Juv  (US, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+    Red-headed Barbet              M,F
A+    Toucan Barbet                  M,F
B     Rusty-winged Barbtail          Ad
B+    Spotted Barbtail               Ad
A     One-colored Becard             Ad
A+    Scrub Blackbird                Ad
A+    Fawn-breasted Brilliant        M,F
A     Green-crowned Brilliant        M,F
A     Empress Brilliant              M,F

___   Marble-faced Bristle-Tyrant    ____
A+    Chestnut-capped Brushfinch     Ad      (was named Chestnut-capped Brush-finch)
A+    Choco Brushfinch               Ad
A+    Tricolored Brushfinch          Ad
A     Gray-browed Brushfinch         Ad      (was named Gray-browed Brush-finch)
B+    White-winged Brushfinch        Ad      (was named White-winged Brush-finch)
A+    Yellow-breasted Brushfinch     Ad      (was named Yellow-breasted Brush-finch)

A     Andean Cock-of-the-Rock        M,F,Juv
B     Andean Condor                  Ad,Juv

A+    Buff-winged Starfrontlet       M,F
A+    Long-tailed Sylph              M,F,Juv
A+    Violet-tailed Sylph            M,F,Juv
A+    Black-tailed Trainbearer       M,F
A+    Green-tailed Trainbearer       M,F

A+    Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle    Ad
A+    Solitary Eagle                 Juv

A+    Purple-throated Sunangel       M,F
A+    Mountain Cacique               Ad
A+    Scarlet-rumped Cacique         Ad

A+    Carunculated Caracara          Ad,Juv
A     Slaty-backed Chat-tyrant       Ad
A+    Chestnut-winged Cinclodes      Ad
A+    Stout-billed Cinclodes         Ad
C     Cinerous Conebill              Ad
A-    Slate-throated Coot            Ad     (also known as Andean Coot)

A+    Neotropic Cormorant            Ad

A+    Buff-tailed Coronet            Ad
A+    Chestnut-breasted Coronet      Ad
A+    Velvet-purple Coronet          Ad

A+    Squirrel Cuckoo                Ad
A+    Eared Dove                     Ad

A+    White-tipped Dove              Ad

A+    Andean Emerald                 M,F
A+    Western Emerald                Ad
A+    Fulvous-vented Euphonia        M,F
A+    Orange-bellied Euphonia        M,F
A+    Thick-billed Euphonia          Ad
B     Purple-crowned Fairy           Ad


A+    Saffron Finch                  M,F (Hawai'i & Ecuador)

A+    Black Flowerpiercer            Ad
A+    Glossy Flowerpiercer           Ad
A+    Masked Flowerpiercer           Ad

A+    Dusky-capped Flycatcher        Ad
A     Golden-bellied Flycatcher      Ad
A     Golden-crowned Flycatcher      Ad
A     Piratic Flycatcher             Juv  (Rattlesnake Springs, New Mexico & Ecuador)
B     Ornate Flycatcher              Ad
A     Rusty-margined Flycatcher      Ad
A     Slaty-capped Flycatcher        Ad
A+    Social Flycatcher              Ad  (also in TX and Costa Rica)
A     Streaked Flycatcher            Ad
A+    Vermilion Flycatcher           M,F,Juv   (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)

Rufous-necked Foliage-gleaner    Ad
Scaly-throated Foliage-gleaner  Ad

Barred Fruiteater                            F
Orange-breasted Fruiteater          F

Dull-colored Grassquit                 Ad
Yellow-faced Grassquit                  M,F

Golden Grosbeak                               M

Black-winged Ground_Dove             Ad
Andean Guan                                       Ad

Andean Gull                                      Ad,1st year

Cinereous Harrier                           Ad,juv
Bicolored Hawk                                  Ad
A    Black Hawk-Eagle               Ad
A+       Broad-winged Hawk                            Ad,Juv
Roadside Hawk                                    Ad,Juv  (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)


A     Tawny-bellied Hermit           Ad
White-whiskered Hermit                 Ad
A-    Ecuadorian Hillstar            F


A+    Green Honeycreeper             M,F  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     Golden-collared Honeycreeper   M,F
B+    Pacific Hornero                Ad

A+    Giant Hummingbird              M,F
A+    Rufous-tailed Hummingbird      Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Speckled Hummingbird           Ad
A+    Sword-billed Hummingbird       M,F
A+    Violet-bellied Hummingbird     M
    Brown Inca                     Ad
    Collared Inca                  Ad
A+    White-necked Jacobin           M,F  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Inca Jay                       Ad
A+    Turquoise Jay                  Ad

A+    American Kestrel              M,F  (including Bahama race of American Kestrel)

A-    Snowy-throated Kingbird       Ad
A+    Tropical Kingbird             Ad

A     Double-toothed Kite           Ad
A     Hook-billed Kite              M,F

A     Green-fronted Lancebill       Ad

A+    Andean Lapwing                Ad

C     Scaly-throated Leaftosser     Ad


A+    Tyrian Metaltail              M,F

A+    Rufous Motmot                 Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Broad-billed Motmot           Ad  (Ecuador)

A    Black-chested Mountain Tanager  Ad  (sometimes referred to as Black-chested Mountain-Tanager)
A     Black-chinned Mountain Tanager  Ad  (sometimes referred to as Black-chinned Mountain-Tanager)
A+       Blue-winged Mountain Tanager    Ad  (sometimes referred to as Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager)
A+       Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager Ad  (sometimes referred to as Scarlet-bellied Mountain-Tanager)
B+    Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan   Ad

A+    Lyre-tailed Nightjar           F

A+    White-faced Nunbird            Ad

A     Russet-backed Oropendola      Ad

A     Black-and-White Owl           Ad
A+    Mottled Owl                   Ad  (also in Salineno, TX - 202)


    Bronze-winged Parrot                           Ad
C-    Blue-fronted Parrotlet                          Ad
A    Smoke-colored Pewee                            Ad 

A+    Black Phoebe                    Ad,Juv
A+    Rock Pigeon                     Ad     (formerly called Rock Dove)
A        Common Potoo                                        Ad

A+      Sapphire-vented Puffleg                        Ad
A+      Golden-breasted Puffleg                       Ad

A-       Golden-headed Quetzal                        M

A+    Booted Racket-tail               M,F,Juv
A+    Slate-throated Redstart           Ad  1st yr  (US, Costa Rica & Ecuador)

A+    Black-winged Saltator            Ad
A+    Buff-throated Saltator           Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)

A+        Great Sapphirewing              Ad  1st yr

A-         Black-and-white Seedeater                M
A          Plain-colored Seedeater                     F
A          Variable Seedeater                            M,F
A+        Plumbeous Sierra-finch                      M,F
A+        Black-striped Sparrow                       Ad

A+    House Sparrow                 M,F  (US, Thailand, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+    Orange-billed Sparrow           Ad   (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+    Rufous-collared Sparrow             Ad   (Costa Rica & Ecuador)

B     Red-faced Spinetail              Ad

A+        Buff-winged Starfrontlet                   M,F
A+    Gorgeted Sunangel               M
B-        Purple-throated Sunangel                    M

A+    Tourmaline Sunangel             M,F
A+    Shining Sunbeam                Ad

A+    Blue-and-white Swallow          Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A     White-collared Swift            Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)

B+        Bay-headed Tanager                           Ad
A+        Beryl-spangled Tanager                      Ad
A         Blue-capped Tanager                          Ad


A         Blue-and-yellow Tanager                    Ad
Blue-gray Tanager                             Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
Dusky-faced Tanager                        Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+        Fawn-breasted Tanager                     M,F
A+        Flame-faced Tanager                         Ad
A+        Glistening-green Tanager                   Ad, Juv, Male Juv
A+        Golden Tanager                                 Ad
A+        Golden-naped Tanager                       M,F
A+        Flame-rumped Tanager                      M,F, Juv Male   (previously known as Lemon-rumped Tanager)
A+        Moss-backed Tanager                        Ad
A+        Palm Tanager                                     Ad   (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+        Rufous-throated Tanager                   Ad
A+        Scrub Tanager                                   Ad
A+        Silver-throated Tanager                     M,F,I   (Costa Rica & Ecuador)


A         White-lined Tanager                           M,F, Juv Male

A+        Crimson-rumped Toucanet                   Ad, Juv
Yellow-throated Toucan           Ad  (also known as Chestnut-mandibled Toucan and Black-mandibled Toucan) seen in Costa Rica & Ecuador

A+       Choco Toucan                                      Ad
A+       Masked Trogon                  M,F

B+       Tawny-rumped Tyrannulet          Ad
A        Ashy-headed Tyrannulet           Ad
A        White-banded Tyrannulet                    Ad
B+       White-tailed Tyrannulet                      Ad

A        Black-crowned Tityra                           M,F
A-       Masked Tityra                                      M

A+   Wild Turkey                   M,F

A+       Swainson's Thrush                              Ad      (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
__       Great Thrush                                      Ad
A+        Ecuadorian Thrush                             Ad
A+        Glossy-black Thrush                           Ad
A+        Pale-vented Thrush                             Ad
A+       Green Thorntail                                  M,F     (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+       Mountain Velvetbreast                        Ad,Juv
A+       Brown Violetear                                  Ad,Juv
A+       Lesser Violetear                                  Ad          (split from Green Violetear - Mexican Violetear and Lesser) seen in Costa Rica & Ecuador
A+       Sparkling Violetear                             Ad

A        Brown-capped Vireo                            Ad
A        Choco Vireo                                         Ad

A+       Red-eyed Vireo                 Ad  (US, Costa Rica & Ecuador)

Blackburnian Warbler            Ad M,F, Winter  (US, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
A+       Russet-crowned Warbler                    Ad
A        Three-striped Warbler                       Ad

A+       Purple-bibbed Whitetip                      M,F,Juv

A+       Montane Woodcreeper                       Ad
A+       Strong-billed Woodcreeper               Ad
A        Wedge-billed Woodcreeper               Ad


A+       Green-crowned Woodnymph              M,.F    (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
B         Crimson-mantled Woodpecker           Ad      (Ecuador)
A+       Dark-backed Wood-Quail                  M,F    (Ecuador)
A+       Purple-throated Woodstar                 M,F    (Ecuador)
A+       White-bellied Woodstar                    M,F    (Ecuador)
B        Gorgeted Woodstar                            M       (Ecuador)

A+   Gray-breasted Wood-Wren      Ad,Juv  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
A+   Southern House Wren          Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
C+   Plain Xenops                 Ad  (Ecuador)

Ecuador Mammals / Other:

A+    Central American Agouti        Ad  (Costa Rica & Ecuador)
B+    Spectacled Bear                Ad  (Pappalacta Pass, Ecuador)
A     Tayra                          M   (Bellavista, Ecuador)

B+    Olinquito                      Ad
A+    Guayaquil Squirrel             Ad
A+    White-tailed Deer              Ad


A+        Brazilian Tapeti                                      Ad    (Yanacocha Reserve & Antisana Ecological Preserve, Ecuador)
A+        Black River Turtle                                   Ad

several other butterfly and insects and frogs to be identified and uploaded
A+    Blue Morpho (menelaus)           Ad  (Costa Rica / Ecuador)  also known as Menelaus Blue Morpho and Menelaus Morpho




(There are many more images to add that have not been uploaded yet!)

A+    Puff-throated Babbler            Ad
A     Great Barbet                     Ad
A+    Green-eared Barbet               Ad
A+    Blue-throated Barbet             Ad
__    Black Baza                       Ad
A+    Large Scimitar Babbler           Ad
A+    White-browed Scimitar Babbler    Ad
A+    White-hooded Babbler             Ad
A+    Blue-tailed Bee-eater            Ad
B     Chestnut-headed Bee-eater        Ad
B     Asian Fairy Bluebird             Ad
A     Long-tailed Broadbill            Ad
A+    Black-crested Bulbul             Ad
A+    Black-headed Bulbul              Ad
B+    Flavescent Bulbul                Ad
A+    Gray-eyed Bulbul                 Ad
A+    Red-whiskered Bulbul             Ad
A     Sooty-headed Bulbul              Ad
A+    Streak-eared Bulbul              Ad
A+    Stripe-throated Bulbul           Ad
A+    Indian Cormorant                 Ad
A+    Little Cormorant                 Ad
C+    Greater Coucal                   Ad
B     Ruddy-breasted Crake             Ad
A+    Large-billed Crow                Ad
A     Eurasian Curlew                  Ad
A+    Emerald Dove                     Ad
A+    Red Collared-Dove                M,F    (also known as Red Collared Dove)
B     Peaceful Dove                    Ad
A+    Spotted Dove                     Ad
B+    Black Drongo                     Ad
C+    Ashy Drongo                      Ad
A+    Greater Racket-tailed Drongo     Ad
A     Spangled Drongo                  Ad
B+    Crested Serpent Eagle            Ad
C     Mountain Hawk Eagle              Ad
A     Eastern_Cattle Egret             S,W     (Cattle Egret split into Eastern Cattle Egret in the Eastern Hemisphere)
A+    Chinese Egret                    W  (Critically Endangered !!)
A+    Great Egret                      S,W
A+    Intermediate Egret               S,W
A+    Little Egret                     S,Fall,W
C+    Pacific Reef Egret (Heron)       Ad
A+    White-throated Fantail           Ad
___   Greater Flameback                Ad
A+    Hill Blue Flycatcher             M
A+    Taiga Flycatcher                 Ad
A+    Tickell's Blue Flycatcher        M,F
B+    Bar-winged Flycatcher-Shrike     M
A+    Black-tailed Godwit              W
B     Crested Goshawk                  Ad
A+    Common Greenshank                Ad
A+    Nordmann's Greenshank            Ad  (Critically Endangered !!)
A+    Brown-headed Gull                Ad
A+    Chinese Pond Heron               Ad,Juv
A+    Gray Heron                       Ad
B+    Purple Heron                     Ad
A+    Striated Heron                   Ad
C+    Oriental Honey Buzzard           Ad
C+    Brown Hornbill                   Ad
A+    Great Hornbill                   Ad
C+    Oriental Pied Hornbill           Ad
B     Wreathed Hornbill                Ad
A-    Bronze-winged Jacana             Ad,Juv
A+    Red Junglefowl                   M,F   (Kauai, Hawai'i, Florida)
___   Common Kestrel                   Ad
B+    Banded Kingfisher                M
A+    Black-capped Kingfisher          Ad
A     Collared Kingfisher              Ad
A+    Common Kingfisher                Ad
A+    White-throated Kingfisher        Ad
A     Black Kite                       Ad
A+    Black-shouldered Kite            Ad
A     Brahminy Kite                    Ad
A     Great Knot                       Ad
B+    Asian Koel                       Ad
B     Gray-headed Lapwing              Ad
A+    Red-wattled Lapwing              Ad
C+    Black-throated Laughingthrush    Ad
A+    Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush Ad
A+    Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush  Ad
A+    White-crested Laughingthrush     Ad
A     Blue-winged Leafbird             M,F
___   Asian House Martin               Ad
B+    Ashy Minivet                     Ad
B     Scarlet Minivet                  M,F
A+    Black-naped Monarch              M,F
B+    Common Myna                      Ad
A+    White-vented Myna                Ad
___   Large-tailed Nightjar            Ad
___   Asian Openbill                   Ad
___   Black-naped Oriole               Ad
A+    Bar-backed Partridge             Ad
A+    Kalij Pheasant                   M,F
A+    Rock Pigeon                      Ad
A     Mountain Imperial Pigeon         Ad
___   Paddyfield Pipit                 Ad
A+    Black-bellied Plover             S,W
A+    Pacific Golden-Plover            S,W
A     Greater Sand Plover              Ad
A     Lesser Sand Plover               Ad
A+    Kentish Plover                   Ad
A+    Little Ringed Plover             Ad
A+    Malaysian Plover                 Ad
A+    White-faced Plover               Ad   (possibly considered a new species)
___   Plain Prinia                     Ad
A     Common Redshank                  Ad
A+    Spotted Redshank                 Ad
A+    Oriental Magpie Robin            Ad
A+    Siberian Blue Robin              M,F,1st winter M,F
B+    Indian Roller                    Ad
A+    Ruff                             Ad,Juv
A+    Sanderling                       Ad
A     Broad-billed Sandpiper           Ad
A     Curlew Sandpiper                 Ad
A+    Marsh Sandpiper                  Ad
A     Spoon-billed Sandpiper           Ad  (Critically Endangered !!)
A     Terek Sandpiper                  Ad
A+    Wood Sandpiper                   Ad
A+    White-rumped Shama               Ad
___   Shikra                           Ad
A+    Brown Shrike                     Ad,Juv
A+    Streaked Spiderhunter            Ad
A+    Asian Pied Starling              Ad
B+    Black-collared Starling          Ad
A     Little Stint                     Ad
A+    Long-toed Stint                  Ad
A+    Red-necked Stint                 Ad  (formerly called Rufous-necked Stint)
A+    Temminck's Stint                 Ad
A+    Common Snipe                     Ad
A+    House Sparrow                    Ad
A+    Eurasian Tree Sparrow            Ad
A+    Black-winged Stilt               Ad
A     Siberian Stonechat               M,F,Juv
B+    Painted Stork                    Ad
A-    Black-throated Sunbird           M,F
A+    Barn Swallow                     Ad
A     Pacific Swallow                  Ad
___   Asian Palm Swift                 Ad
A     Common Swift                     Ad   (China and Cape May, NJ - 2024)
C+    House Swift                      Ad
A+    Germain's Swiftlet                Ad
A+    Common Tailorbird                Ad
A+    Common Tern                      Ad
A     Great Crested Tern               Ad
A+    Gull-billed Tern                 Ad
A     Lesser Crested Tern              Ad
A+    Little Tern                      Ad
A+    White-winged (Black) Tern        Ad
A+    Whiskered Tern                   Ad
B+    Gray Treepie                     Ad    Grey Treepie
A     Ratchet-tailed Treepie           Ad
___   Rufous Treepie                   Ad
B-    Red-headed Trogon                M
A     Blue Whistling Thrush            Ad
A+    Eastern Yellow Wagtail           Ad
A+    Gray Wagtail                     Ad
B     Black-browed Reed Warbler        Ad
B+    Blunt-winged Warbler             Ad
A+    Oriental Reed Warbler            Ad
A     Pale-legged Leaf Warbler         Ad
A+    Radde's Warbler                  Ad
A     Whimbrel (Eurasian Race)         Ad
A     White-breasted Waterhen          Ad

Other - Butterflys - etc.
A     Dark-blue Tiger (Tirumala septentrionis) Ad   (Thailand)

A     Long Branded Blue Crow (Euploea algea)   Ad   (Thailand)



(There are many more images to add that have not been scanned yet!)

A+    Grebe, Little                    S,W,Juv
A+    Swan, Whooper                    Ad,Juv
A     Goose, Lesser White-fronted      Ad
Goose, Swan                      Ad
B+    Spoonbill, Black-faced           Ad
  (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A+    Cormorant, Japanese              S

A     Shelduck, Common                 Ad
A+    Duck, Spot-billed                Ad
A+    Teal, Green-winged               M,F (Crecca race)
A+    Garganey                         M,F
A+    Teal, Baikal                     M,F
A+    Duck, Mandarin                   M,F
A     Duck (Teal), Falcated            M,F
A+    Wigeon, Eurasian                 M,F
A+    Pochard, Common                  M,F
A+    Duck, Tufted                     M,F,Juv
A+    Smew                             M,F
B     Shearwater, Streaked             Ad
A+    Egret, Little                    W
A+    Oldsquaw (Duck, Long-tailed)     M,F,W  (
go to hell Woke morons / AOS / eBird, and all the other idiots on this planet that want
                                                 to change every bird name for moronic reasons
- also called Long-tailed Duck by ignorant
                                                 Woke morons who have nothing better to do than screw birders)
A+    Egret, Intermediate              S,W
A+    Curlew, Eurasian                 Ad
A+    Gull, Black-tailed               Ad,1st,2nd
A+    Gull, Slaty-backed               Ad,1st,2nd
A+    Heron, Gray                      Ad
A     Heron, Striated                  Ad
A+    Heron, Eastern Reef              S
           (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A+    Tattler, Gray-tailed             S,Fall
A     Tattler, Wandering               Ad
A+    Plover, Little Ringed            Ad,Juv
A-    Plover, Greater Sand             Fall
A-    Plover, Lesser Sand              Ad W        (formerly called Mongolian Plover)
A+    Sandpiper, Common                Ad
A+    Sandpiper, Terek                 Ad
A+    Stint, Red-necked                Ad W        (formerly called Rufous-necked Stint)
A+    Stilt, Black-winged              Ad,Juv
A+    Coot, Eurasian                   Ad          (Japan & China)
A+    Magpie, Oriental (Eurasian)      Ad       (Japan / China)  also referred to Eurasian Magpie
A     Eagle, White-tailed              Ad
A     Sea-Eagle, Stellers              Ad
A+    Kite, Black                      Ad
A+    Turtle-Dove, Oriental            Ad       (Palo Alto, CA; Japan; China) (western form called Rufous Turtle Dove but also Rufous Turtle-Dove)
A+    Kingfisher, Common               M
A     Woodpecker, Great_Spotted        M
A     Woodpecker, Gray-headed (China)  F
A-    Woodpecker, Japanese Pygmy       Ad
A     Swallow, Barn (eurasian)         Ad
A     Swallow, Pacific                 Ad

C+    Martin, Asian House              Ad
A+    Skylark, Eurasian                Ad   (renamed from Sky Lark)
A+    Warbler, Oriental Reed           Ad   (Japan / China)    (also known as Oriental_Reed-Warbler)
A+    Wagtail, White                   W
A+    Wagtail, Gray                    W
A+    Wagtail, Black-backed            Ad
A+    Wagtail, Japanese                Ad
   (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A+    Pheasant, Japanese Green         M,F  (national bird of Japan - Green Pheasant)
A+    Pipit, Water (japonicus)         W
A+    Bulbul, Brown-eared              Ad
A+    Shrike, Bull-headed              M,F
A+    Redstart, Daurian                M
A     Thrush, Dusky                    W
A     Thrush, Brown-headed             W
A+    Thrush, Eyebrowed                W
A+    Tit, Great                       Ad   (Great Tit now Japanese Tit)
A+    Tit, Japanese                    Ad   (Japanese Tit was Great Tit)
A     Tit, Willow                      Ad
   (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
C     Tit, Coal                        Ad
   (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A     Tit, Varied                      Ad
B     Nuthatch                         Ad
A+    Bunting, Siberian Meadow         M,F
A     Bunting, Black-faced             M
A     Bunting, Gray                    F
    (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A     Bunting, Japanese Reed           M
A     Bunting, Common Reed             Winter
A+    Bunting, Rustic                  M,F
A     Greenfinch, Oriental             M,F
A+    Tree-Sparrow, Eurasian           Ad
A+    Starling, White-cheeked          Ad
A+    Magpie, Azure-winged             Ad
B+    Crow, Large-billed (Jungle)      Ad
A+    Crow, Carrion                    Ad
A-    Cormorant, Temminck's            Ad

B+    Shearwater, Wedge-tailed         Ad
   (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A-    Crane, Red-crowned               Ad
A+    Owl, Ural                        Ad
C+    Rubythroat, Siberian             M,F
A     Siberian Stonechat               M,F,Juv
B+    Thrush, Blue Rock                M
B+    Thrush, Japanese Gray            Ad
A+    Cuckoo, Little                   Ad  
(slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A     Cuckoo, Oriental                 Ad
C+    Swift, Northern White-rumped     Ad
A+    White-eye, Japanese              Ad
A+    Bullfinch, Eurasian              M
B+    Rosefinch, Long-tailed           M,F  (Japan)
B+    Sparrow, Cinnamon (Russet)       Ad


(There are many more images to add that have not been scanned yet!)

A+    Grebe, Little                    S,W,Juv
A+    Heron, Gray                      Ad

B+    Heron, Purple                    Ad
A+    Heron, Chinese Pond              Ad
A     Grebe, Great Crested             W
A+    Stork, Oriental White            Ad
A     Stork, Black                     Ad
A     Crane, Common                    Ad
A+    Sandpiper, Wood                  Ad
A+    Greenshank, Common               Ad
A+    Duck, Eastern Spot-billed        Ad
A+    Shelduck, Ruddy                  Ad
A+    Goose, Swan                      Ad,Juv (Domesticated hybird w/ Chinese Goose)
A+    Goose, Bar-headed                Ad
A+    Gull, Common                     Ad     (northwest of Beijing, China)
A+    Turtle-Dove, Oriental            Ad     (Palo Alto, CA; Japan; China) (western form called Rufous Turtle Dove but also Rufous Turtle-Dove)
A+    Bulbul, Light-vented             Ad
A+    Magpie, Azure-winged             Ad
A+    Magpie, Oriental (Eurasian)      Ad  (Japan / China) also called Eurasian Magpie
C-    Chough, Red-billed               Ad  (Taishan Mountains, Tai'an, China)
B     Flycatcher, Taiga (Red-breasted) Ad  (these have now been split, Red-breasted and Taiga Flycatcher)
A     Flycatcher, Tricolor             Ad  (also known as Yellow-rumped Flycatcher)
A     Flycatcher, Yellow-rumped        Ad  (also known as Tricolor Flycatcher)
A+    Flycatcher, Asian Brown          Ad
A+    Flycatcher, Dark-sided           Ad

A     Woodpecker, Gray-headed          F
A+    Hoopoe, Eurasian                 Ad  (or just called Hoopoe)
B+    Swallow, Red-rumped              Ad
A+    Myna, Crested                    Ad
A+    Starling, White-cheeked          Ad
A     Starling, Red-billed             Ad
A+    Blackbird, Chinese               Ad

A+    Shrike, Brown                    Ad,Juv
A+    Bluetail, Red-flanked            M,F
A+    Grosbeak, Chinese                M,F  (winter - also called Black-tailed Grosbeak / Yellow-billed Grosbeak)
A+    Bunting, Tristram's              M,F
A+    Wagtail, Eastern Yellow          Ad
B     Swift, Common                    Ad  (also Cape May, NJ)
A+    Warbler, Great Reed              Ad  (Japan / China)    (also known as Oriental Great Reed Warbler)
A     Warbler, Lemon-rumped            Ad  (also known as Pallas's Leaf Warbler)
A     Warbler, Willow                  Ad  (9th North American Record - all from western Alaska islands)
A+    Warbler, Dusky                   Ad
A-    Warbler, Manchurian Bush         Ad  (also known as Korean Bush Warbler)
A     Warbler, Eastern Crowned         Ad
A+    Warbler, Arctic                  Ad
A     Warbler, Radde's                 Ad
A+    Warbler, Hume's                  Ad
A+    Eurasian Red Squirrel            Ad  (Beijing, China)



H O N K   K O N G

(There are many more images to add that have not been scanned yet!)

A+    Light-vented Bulbul              Ad
A+    Red-whiskered Bulbul             Ad
A+    Spotted Dove                     Ad
B+    Masked LaughingThrush            Ad
A     Crested Myna                     Ad
A+    Orange-flanked Bush Robin        M,F
A+    Oriental Magpie Robin            Ad
B+    Long-tailed Shrike               Ad
A+    Eurasian Tree Sparrow            Ad

B     Black-collared Starling          Ad
A+    Fork-tailed Sunbird              F
B+    Common Tailorbird                Ad
A     Gray-backed Thrush               Ad
A+    White Wagtail                    Ad  (black-backed race)
A-    Yellow-browed Warbler            Ad  (Honk Kong and China)


M A M M A L S,  C E T A C E A N S (Whales / Dolphins)

(There are many more images to add that have not been scanned yet!) Mammls, Cetaceans, Whales, Dolphins, Reptiles, Snakes, Sharks, Fish, Odes, Herps, Butterflies, etc

A     Flying Fish                       off southern California
A     Sailor By The Wind                Ad  (also known as Velella)
A-    Rainbow Trout                     Ad
A+    Caribou                           Ad,Juv
A+    American Bison                    Ad,Juv (or called Bison or Buffalo or American Buffalo)
A+    Moose + w/calf                    Ad,Calf
A+    Elk                               M,F

A     Mule Deer                         Ad (and Black-tailed Deer)
A+    White-tailed Deer                 Ad,Calf  (US, Ecuador)
A+    Sika Deer (Japan)
A+    Key Deer                          M,F
A+    Florida Key Deer                  M,F
A+    Dall Sheep                        Ad,Calf

A+    Bighorn Sheep                     Ad
A+    Sheep                             Ad,Calf
A+    Angola Goat                       Ad
A     Mountain Goat                     Ad,Calf
  (Alaska, Colorado & Big Island, Hawai'i)
A+    Saanen Goat                       Ad
A     Wild Goat                         Ad  (also know as Feral Goat and Hawai'ian Ibex)  Big Island, Hawai'i
A     Hawaiian Ibex                     Ad  (also know as Feral Goat and Hawai'ian Ibex)  Big Island, Hawai'i
A     Domestic Goat                     Ad,Calf  (Big Island, Hawai'i)

A+    Pronghorn                         M,F,Calf  (Pronghorn are often called 'antelope' although they are not at all an Antelope)
A+    Pronghorn (Antelope)              M,F,Calf  (Pronghorn are often called 'antelope' although they are not at all an Antelope)
A+    Polar Bear
A     Grizzly Bear                      M,F,Cubs
A+    Black Bear                        Ad,Yearling
A+    Cougar                            Ad  (also known as Puma, Mountain Lion, North American Cougar)
B     Wolverine                         Ad
A+    Bobcat                            Ad
A+    MuskOx                            Ad,Calf
B+    Canada Lynx                       Ad          (also called Canadian Lynx)
A+    Collared Peccary                  Ad,1st year (also called Javelina or Peccary)
A+    Javelina                          Ad,1st year (also called Collared Peccary)
A+    Arctic Fox                        Ad
A     Gray Fox                          Ad
A+    Red Fox                           Ad
B+    Silver Fox                        Ad
A+    Coyote                            Ad
A+    Gray Wolf                         Ad  (45 miles north of Nome, Alaska))
A+    Raccoon                           Ad
A-    White-nosed Coati                 Ad

A+    Yellow-bellied Marmot             Ad
A+    Hoary Marmot                      Ad
A-    Hoffmanns Two-toed Sloth          Ad    (or simply Two-toed Sloth)
A+    Brown-throated_Three-toed Sloth   Ad,Juv  (also know as Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth and
Three-toed Sloth)
A     Pika                              Ad 
A+    Botta's Pocket Gopher             Ad
A+    Tundra Vole                       Ad
A+    Arizona Cotton Rat                Ad
A     Norway Rat                        Ad
A     Wood Rat                          Ad
A+    Hedgehog                          Ad
B     Long-tailed Weasel                Ad
A+    Indian Mongoose                   Ad  (Big Island, Hawai'i) - the death scourge of Hawai'i birds!
A+    Gray Squirrel                     Ad

A+    Fox Squirrel                      Ad

A     Rock Squirrel                     Ad

A+    Abert's Squirrel (tassle-eared)   Ad
A+    Eurasian Red Squirrel             Ad  (Beijing, China)
A+    American Red Squirrel             Ad  (Churchill, Manitoba)
A+    Arctic Ground Squirrel            Ad
A     Round-tailed Ground Squirrel      Ad  (Arizona Ground-Squirrel)
A+    California Ground-Squirrel        Ad
A+    Wyoming Ground Squirrel           Ad
A+    Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel    Ad
A     White-tailed Antelope Squirrel    Ad  (Red Rock Cyn, Nevada west of Las Vegas)
A+    Richardson's Ground-Squirrel      Ad
A+    Thirteen-striped Squirrel         Ad
A     Belding's Ground Squirrel         Ad
A+    Harris's Antelope Squirrel        Ad
A+    Brown-tailed Ground-Squirrel      Ad
A     Giant Black Squirrel              Ad
A+    Burmese Striped Squirrel          Ad
A+    Indochinese Ground Squirrel       Ad
A+    Guayaquil Squirrel                Ad
A+    Common TreeShrew                  Ad
A+    Golden-backed Squirrel            Ad
A     Cliff Chipmunk                    Ad
A+    Least Chipmunk                    Ad
A     Eastern Chipmunk                  Ad
A+    Merriam's Chipmunk                Ad
C+    Colorado Chipmunk                 Ad
  (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A+    Gunnison Prairie Dog              Ad
A+    White-tailed Prairie Dog          Ad
A+    Black-tailed Prairie Dog          Ad  Texas & South Dakota
A+    Cottontail Rabbit                 Ad
A+    Brush Rabbit                      Ad,young
A+    Brazilian Tapeti                  Ad
A+    Black-tailed JackRabbit           Ad

A+    Snowshoe Hare                     S
B+    Arctic Hare                       S
A     North American Badger             Ad  (also called Badger)
A     North American Beaver             Ad  (also simply called Beaver)
B     Groundhog (Woodchuck)             Ad  (also known as Woodchuck)
A+    Northern River Otter              Ad  (also called River Otter)
A     Nutria                            Ad
A+    Muskrat                           Ad
  (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
C+    Opossum                           Ad
A+    Nine-banded Armadillo             Ad
A+    Desert Tortoise                   Ad
A+    American Alligator                Ad
A     American Crocodile                Ad
A     Spectacled Caiman                 Ad
A-    Leatherback Turtle                Ad  (off Half Moon Bay, CA)
A     Green Sea Turtle                  Ad  (Kauai, Hawai'i)
___   Ornate Box Turtle                 Ad, juvenal
A     Eastern Box Turtle                Ad
A     Mud Turtle                        Ad
A+    Red-eared Slider                  Ad
A     Pond Slider                       Ad
A+    Northern Rubber Boa               Ad
A+    Diamondback Rattlesnake           Ad
B+    Indigo Snake                      Ad
A+    Bull Snake                        Ad
A     Eastern Patch-nosed Snake         Ad
A     Corn Snake                        Ad
A+    Gopher Snake                      Ad
A     Coachwip, Red                     Ad
A+    Sea Otter                         Ad
B     Florida Manatee                   Ad   (Florida) (also known as Manatee or West Indian Manatee)
B     Manatee                           Ad   (Florida) (also known as Manatee or West Indian Manatee)

A     Beluga Whale                      Ad, Calf
A+    Killer Whale                      M,F  (also called Orca)
A+    Humpback Whale                    Ad
A     Fin Whale                         Ad
A+    Blue Whale                        Ad
A+    Gray Whale                        Ad

A     Baird's Beaked Whale              Ad
C+    Cuvier's Beaked Whale             Ad  (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A-    Sperm Whale                       Ad
  (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A+    Pilot Whale                       Ad
B     Dall's Porpoise                   Ad
A+    Spinner Dolphin                   Ad  (Kauai, Hawai'i)
A+    Common Dolphin                    Ad,Calf
A     Bottle-nosed Dolphin              Ad
A     Pacific White-sided Dolphin       Ad

A+    Short-beaked Dolphin              Ad
A     Northern Right-Whale Dolphin      Ad
  (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website.)
A+    Rissos's Dolphin                  Ad
A     Blue Shark                        Ad
A-    Hammerhead Shark                  Ad
A     Sand Shark                        Ad
A     California Spotted Stingray       Ad  (Bolsa Chica, CA)
A+    Harbor Seal                       Ad
A+    Northern Fur Seal                 Ad,pup
A-    Ringed Seal                       Ad
A+    Northern Elephant Seal            M,F,pup
A+    California Sea Lion               Ad,pup
A+    Steller's Sea Lion                Ad  (St. Paul Island, Alaska)
A     Mola_Mola                         Ad
C     Mink                              Ad
  (slides need to be scanned and uploaded to website)
A+    Plumed Basilisk                   Ad  (also known as Jesus Christ Lizard or Green Basilisk)

A+    Clark's Spiny Lizard              Ad
A     Ornate Tree Lizard                Ad
A     Zebra-tailed Lizard               Ad
A+    Regal Horned Lizard               Ad
A+    Texas Horned Lizard               Ad  (also know as Texas Horned Toad)
A+    Western Fence Lizard              Ad
A+    Western Side-blotched Lizard      Ad
A+    Arizona Striped Whiptail          Ad
A     Desert Grassland Whiptail         Ad
A     Texas Spotted Whiptail            Ad
A+    Little Bahama Curly-tailed Lizard Ad,Juv
A+    Bark Anole                        Ad  (Florida)
A     Brown Anole                       Ad  (Florida)
A+    Green Anole                       Ad  (Florida & California)
A+    Cuban Anole                       Ad  (also called Brown Anole)
A     Gold Dust Day Gecko               Ad  (Big Island, Hawai'i) 
(Latin name: Phelsuma laticauda. Other names: Broad-tailed Day Gecko, Gold-dust Day Gecko)
A+    Common Green Iguana               Ad  (also called Green Iguana)
A+    Cape Spiny-tailed Iguana          Ad  ( Spiny-tailed Iguana)
A+    Leopard Frog                      Ad
B     Colorado River Toad               Ad
A+    Praying Mantis                    Ad  (also known as Mantis)
A+    Flame Skimmer (dragonfly)         Ad
B     Band-winged Dragonlet (dragonfly) Ad
A     Eastern Pondhawk                  Ad
A     Unknown Dragonfly                 Ad
A+    Monitor Lizard                    Ad
A+    Stump-tailed Macaque              Ad, I
A+    Lesser Oriental Chevrotain        Ad         (aka Mouse Deer)
A+    White-handed Gibbon               Ad, I
          Video Clip of White-handed Gibbons calling:

A+    Banded Langur (Banded Tree Monkey)Ad, I
A-    Dusky Langur (Leaf Monkey)        Ad, I
A     Mantled Howler Monkey             Ad,Juv  (also known as Howler Monkey)
A+    White-headed Capuchin             Ad,Juv  (also known as White-faced Capuchin or White-throated Capuchin)

A+    Mudskipper                        Ad
A+    Fea's Muntjac (Fea's Barking Deer)Ad
A+    Common Muntjac (Barking Deer)     Ad
A     Oriental Garden Lizard            Ad
A+    Dog                               Ad
A+    Cow                               Ad, Calf
A     Brahma Bull                       Ad
A     Texas Longhorn                    Ad
A+    Horse                             Ad
A+    Red Bat                           Ad

A+    Central American Agouti           Ad
B+    Spectacled Bear                   Ad
B+    Olinquito                         Ad
A     Tatyra                            Ad


A+    Butterfly / Butterflies     (Many species of butterfly are on this webpage)
A+    Queen (Butterfly)                 Fall
A+    Common Buckeye

A          Pipe-vine Swallowtail
B+    Giant Western Swallowtail

A          Spring Azure
A     Dark-blue Tiger
A     Long Branded Blue Crow
A     Unbroken Sargeant
A     Five-bar Swordtail
A     Chain Swordtail
A     Yellow Orange Tip
A     Right Plain Puffin
A+    Monarch
A+    Silvery Checkerspot
A+    Queen

A+    Orange-barred Sulphur Butterfly
A+    Long-tailed Skipper              Ad   (Costa Rica)
A     Orange-barred Sulphur Butterfly  Ad   (Costa Rica)
A+    Zebra Longwing                   Ad   (Florida)
A+    Tiger Longwing                   Ad   (Costa Rica)
A     Banded Peacock                   Ad   (Costa Rica)
A     Dark-blue Tiger (Tirumala septentrionis) Ad   (Thailand)
A     Long Branded Blue Crow (Euploea algea)   Ad   (Thailand)

A+    Tarantula

Many other Butterflies not listed I've photographed from different parts of the world


Since I don't particularly photograph insects, I've put a few shots on to one page here and will add as photographed
A+    Praying Mantis                    Ad
A+    Tarantula Wasp
A     Tiger Beetle
A     Robber Fly
A+    Grasshopper
A     Spiders
A     Honey Bee
A+    Yellow-faced Bumble Bee           Ad     (Oregon)
A+    Cerambycid Beetle                 Ad



GRADE of Image / Quality

A+    Very Good            A   Pretty Good         A-   Good
B+    Almost Good          B   Very OK             B-   Not to bad
C+    OK                   C   Almost an OK        C-   Recognizable


(M)  Male                            (F)  Female
(Ad) Adult                           (Juv) Juvenal / Immature
(D)  Dark Morph                      (L)  Light Morph
(S)  Summer (Alternate/Breeding)     (W)  Winter(Basic/Non-breedng)
(*)  Ask on Year (i.e. Gulls)        (#Y) # Year (as in gulls)


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